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Minutes 02/13/2014
02/13/2014 Meeting, Hannah Westís home, 7:00pm
Approved Meeting Minutes

Present:  Ann Davis, Julie Raposa, Hannah West
Absent:  Donna Chagnon, Carol Frekey, Philip Hitchcock

1. 2014 Theme:  WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS

2.  Discussion and confirmation of this yearís COHD:

a. Food:  The free Lunch will be the only food served on Saturday.  No pig this year.  Since event theme is sports, lunch theme will be ìTailgateî party, centered around bean hole beans.  Blueberry cobbler was suggested for dessert.  Previously, food has been free as it was donated; the question arose ìDo we need a food budget?î

b. Fireworks: Fireworks will be held on Friday this year.  Since Ed has stepped down, his participation this year will be limited to assisting Hannah with the fireworks as the Fire Dept. liaison and not as an OHD committee member.  

c. Band: Not yet booked; maybe we donít need a dancing band, maybe something more appropriate for background music during Friday eve events before fireworks; 6:30-8:30 or 6:45-8:45pm.  Also, have Don Smith sing 1-2pm, Saturday.  Ann will check on group she heard at Farmerís Market.

d. Cruise Night: Karla Brown is on board.

e. Rentals:  We wonít rent sound system from Taylor Rental as it has not been adequate in the past; may have to do without this year.   One tent, 50 chairs, 15 tables, port-a-potties, etc., are to be delivered early Friday via Taylor Rental.  Six tables for food serving, 6 eating, 2 for sound, etc.; chairs must be secured Friday evening.

f. Tractor Pull:  If the Tractor Pull is a go, we will need to order 3 port-a-potties; if not, 2 will suffice.  As soon as Tractor Pull info is available via Philip, it will be shared with committee.

g. Rough schedule:  Vendors & Exhibitors; Car Show; Scavenger Hunt; Fire Dept. food; Music & Fireworks all on Friday; possible Pancake Breakfast (6am) and Tractor Pull (7am); Parade (9:30am); Vendors & Exhibitors; Activities & ìTailgateî lunch on Saturday (noon).  Possible Penny Sale Saturday Morning.  Sports/games/activities:  Maybe CYA and PTO can be involved this year.  All activities closed down by 2pm.

h. Extra help needed:  5-6 people do not properly represent 2,500; we need more participation.  Discussion ensued that it is difficult to find interested parties to help with COHD.

i. Vendors:  We will be looking for food vendors for Friday; possible set-up in the grassy area, near the wooden parking lot barriers.

j. Fund raising:  Discussion that the fundraising letter is the perfect time to announce this yearís changes, include a parade form and include the ìadvertizingî segment of the Program.  Ann stated that her intent is to name all contributing people/businesses, and should a business wish to offer more for a larger ad, that we should accommodate them.  She also stated that if there is a large response, an insert can be added to the 11íx17í flyer or it can be made larger to accommodate everyone.  The discussion continued that a certain amount of monetary donation entitles them to a business card ad, wording such as, ìThis year we would like to thank you for your donation by including your business card in our brochure.  If you want a larger ad, etc.Öî  

Perhaps a size chart should be included so they can choose the ad that best fits their needs.    Or suggest that there is a BONUS to their donationÖan ad.  There will be 4 sizes of ads based on a monetary scale up to $1,000. The letter should also include the time changes.  Julie will draft a letter to bring to the March meeting.

k. Parking:  Need parking for both days.  Should Dave Jocelyn be approached?  Last yearís Volunteer?  Hannah will talk with Chief Clark re all changes and traffic information.  Need traffic controllers re lower parking lot for spectators, car show entrants, vendor set-up, beans, etc.  
If we cannot find someone to volunteer, perhaps we could make a donation to an organization in exchange for them to take care of the parking.  

l. Marketing:  Signs - This yearís marketing will include two new signs:  one to be placed at Julieís house on the corner of Main & Rt. 28; the other, a 4íx8í sign in the lower field near Bear Hill Rd in Carpenter Park.  Photographing the two-day event: Photography Club has been asked; when someone volunteers, COHD committee will be notified.  Newspapers - Hannah will submit to The SUN while Leanne will submit to Concord Monitor.  Also, advertizing should be earlier.  School flyers need to go out at end of school year.  

Next Meeting will be Thursday, March 13, 2014.  Location to be announced.

Meeting adjourned 9:05pm

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Davis, Secretary

At the 03/13/2014 meeting, Motion made by Julie Raposa to approve 02/13/2014 Meeting Minutes with two corrections; Seconded by Hannah West; Vote in the affirmative and so declared.

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