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Minutes 04/10/2014
04/10/2014 Meeting, Town Library, 7:00pm

DRAFT Meeting Minutes
Present:  Donna Chagnon, Carol Frekey, Ann Davis, Philip Hitchcock, Dave Joclyn, Lucille Noel, Julie Raposa, Hannah West

Dave explained that although he wants to help and will help with a special project and if he is available; he does not want to be a committee member and attend monthly meetings.  Dave brought up the subject of food safety and that Epsom is now addressing that issue.

Hannah apologized for being late; she and her family had been making maple syrup.

Philip Hitchcock made a Motion to approve 03/13/2014 COHD Committee Meeting Minutes with any changes or corrections as stated; seconded by Lucille Noel; all in favor and declared approved.

Items were brought forth, one being that the committee is not organized.  Hannah gave some insight on the background on COHD committee - members used to be appointed or elected; a group got together to be the old home days committee.  Any regulations need to come from Board of Selectmen (BofS); we have had trouble with former committees.  BofS wanted OHD but did not want to be responsible for it.  The traditional family picnic has morphed into something more modern; and throughout the years, it has taken various forms.  The Grange is getting very small and less living in Chichester; most are too old or too busy or gone.  In the interest of making things move faster, we will need more people.  If people are getting cold feet, they may decide to leave.  We don’t have a lot of time; people come to a meeting with suggestions.    

If we need food safety policies, someone needs to write them, present them to the BofS for approval and be adopted by the committee.  Ever since Governor Rollins started OHD, someone has made it happen; most of the time it has been on the smaller side.  There have been no by-laws as far as Hannah knows.  

If we need a food policy, Philip is the most logical one; he should be the one to have the BofS approve and the committee will go along with it.  It is the BofS’s providence to use it at Carpenter Park through the Town; we get permits to have the parade from the Chief of Police and State; we will need to change it sometime in the future.  If anyone has an alternate parade route, i.e., Main Street, Bear Hill, please come forward.  Also, we need parade judges.

The use of the gavel is to keep things going, moving along if it becomes too gossipy, etc.  Hanna feels structure minutia that need to settle it outside of the meeting for the most part.  

Comments were made about food policy; P&R have been discussing the snack shack and food is an issue; the needs of the park are growing and has to schedule what is happening.  Does COHD need permission to use Carpenter Park?

Previously everyone agreed that potato salad needs to be kept cool.  If Grange is sponsor and do they insure anything?  School, highway, park - does the town have as rider and what does it cover?  Someone recalls Sparks Fly provided at one point.  If someone gets sick, there are no procedures in place.  Does the Grange have insurance?  If due diligence with at the next BofS meeting and bring it to the OHD group next time.

Philip & Ann are both ServSafe certified.   Philip started with the town about liability and riders, and came back to the committee.  Fireworks and dozer had to do a waiver once.  Other than that the BofS gave OK.  Hannah - everyone thinks that it was the Town’s responsibility.  Philip stated that some people think the Grange is covering it.  

Hannah - former leaders were not paperwork people; Donna has some papers for the organization and Hannah has the Minutes and Treasurer’s reports.  

No one knew what happened to the old by-laws.  Currently the Grange does not have them.  Hannah seemed to think the Grange probably stopped and people forgot they existed.  

No paperwork passed down; if Grange does it and stopped.  

Org: Ann suggested forming a sub-committee to meet separately to compile policies & procedures and then have the committee review for approval.  

Hannah - Perhaps one day it would be handed to a different group.  It hasn’t worked well in the past to have a citizen committee.  Maybe someday Parks & Rec would take on OHD.  But is a Town committee allowed to fund-raise? Maybe they can’t.  Maybe the whole Town might be willing to pay $10,000 with no fundraising.  Philip will pursue the issue of Town Committees doing fund raising and report back.

Carol handed out Treasurer’s Report indicating no changes; beginning & ending balances $2,393.72.  Motion made by Ann Davis to accept the Treasurer’s Report; seconded by Julie Raposa; all in favor and declared approved.  

Some Expenses were discussed:  Fireworks - Hannah stated that Pyrotechnico, a national company, has insurance; $240 is usually the amount for Linwood to buy the beans and salt pork.  He is more reluctant to include wood, only fair to pay him.  Some comes back to us via sale of beans and Clark’s gives money toward beans.  Trophies are needed for the fire trucks.  If other items such as ribbons/recognition, bring it to the committee.  Hannah reminded committee that cash prizes are to help offset the expense of building floats; once they gave out gifts.  Last meeting there was discussion about advertising, mailings, food budget, and propane.  Philip had question re if we have propane, what size tank, how long would it run and was propane part of the budget.  Carol stated that previously we purchased charcoal ($71.52).  Philip will research and come back with a cost; then there’s pickup, delivery, deposit, etc.  Hannah suggested the Fire Dept could cook the hot dogs; Philip will approach Fire Department about the dogs.  COHD Committee would provide the dogs; fire dept provide the manpower to cook.  Philip brought up leftovers which needs to be discussed ast a future meeting.

Safety and comfort stations - they will be there with trucks; if some type of medical emergency arises, fire dept will take care of it; Hannah will confirm this.  Generators for vendors on Friday night was a topic of discussion; fire department would have to inspect the generators.  

Trash - Philip informed that information he’d received was incorrect about the CYA dumpster last year and that Joe thanked the COHD for the extra trash pick-up.  Philip confirmed Pinard offering dumpsters; Ann is working on recycle bins.  

Forms and ads discussion; Julie was adding more new businesses to the list, such as ProQuip and the new florists in town, etc.   Ann will send out Vendor and Exhibitor forms.

Signs and banners were discussed, especially a large 4x8 sign at the corner of Bear Hill Road & Rt. 28.  Philip will check with P&R and BofS about the sign.  

Band - Ann named one band that could play 6:00/6:30-8:30, Aug. 15 Craig Kendall and the Northwoods Playboys; Carol found them on YouTube and all agreed they like their music.

Next Meeting will be 7pm, Thursday, May 8, 2014, Town Library

Meeting adjourned 8:48pm

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Davis, Secretary

Tentative monthly meetings:   June 12; closer to COHD, meetings may be more frequent.

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