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Minutes 03/13/2014
03/13/2014 Meeting, Town Library, 7:00pm

DRAFT Meeting Minutes
Present:  Donna Chagnon, Carol Frekey, Ann Davis, Philip Hitchcock, Lucille Noel, Michelle Plunkett, Julie Raposa, Hannah West

1.  At the 03/13/2014 meeting, Motion made by Julie Raposa to approve 02/13/2014 Meeting Minutes with two corrections; Seconded by Hannah West; Vote in the affirmative and so declared.

2.  Introduction and welcoming of new members Lucille Noel and Michelle Plunkett.  

3.  Philip brought up Committee structure as he was frustrated when members who hold important positions do not attend more than one meeting before an event.  Treasurer stated there’s always a treasurer’s report; Philip pointed to approved minutes showing the contrary.  Ann interjected that when a person is in charge of a number of tasks and Committee questions need to be answered, that person should be available to answer them in person or at least by phone and not wait until next month’s meeting or longer.   

4. Carol handed out Treasurer’s Report - Beginning Balance: $4,223.16; Expenses: $1,829.44 which includes the 50% fireworks deposit; Ending Balance: $2,393.72.  

5.  It was decided Fireworks display will be at 8:45pm, Aug 15.

6.  Event Expenses were discussed:

a. Food - Philip reviewed last year’s food and supply expenses, comparing them to the previous year; the only cost of food last year was the 50th Anniversary, showing last year’s expenses were down.  Hannah stated historically, food has been donated; Philip’s plan for this year is for all food to be donated.  Hannah advised that Town money goes toward fireworks, beans and paper goods.  It was suggested to make a decision how much budget should be allocated for hot dogs, buns, condiments, etc.; Carol stated that in the past, $250 had been paid for the pig and $133 average spend on paper goods so the food budget should be $450-500, with a separate amount set for the beans.  Philip stated since the theme is Wide World of Sports, he is planning a “tailgate” party theme for the lunch with beans, hot dogs & rolls, corn on the cob, coleslaw, etc.  After more discussion, Motion made by Carol Frekey to budget $500 for pavilion food and supplies; seconded by Philip Hitchcock; Vote in the affirmative and so declared.

b. Parade - cash prizes for floats and cars, may do ribbons, fire trucks get trophies (farthest traveled, newest and oldest in service).

c. Forms and Letters - Julie read aloud the draft fundraising letters, one for previous contributors and one for potential contributors; she was complimented for her work.  Each letter to include a Parade Form and size chart for possible ads in this year’s Program as indicated from last month’s meeting.  A discussion also included the possibility of making the Program larger and adding an insert to include last-minute vendors, exhibitors and sponsors.   Forms will also be made available at Town Office.  Motion made by Carol Frekey to budget $300 for fundraising and Scavenger Hunt related paperwork; seconded by Ann Davis; Vote in the affirmative and so declared.  

Postage and copying costs were discussed.  Hannah informed that members incurring expenses should submit a request for reimbursement, i.e., postage; at some point, postage may become a budgeted line item.

d. Program - Ann was given the ad chart so she and Philip could calculate the needed space for the Program.  Philip acknowledged that Granite Image of Epsom would like to at least bid on the Program; he will contact the local printer re deadlines before our April meeting.  Ann stated that with any event with a print deadline, there will always be last-minute submissions; and you deal with it by an insert, also Julie always acknowledges all sponsors with the signage in the pavilion.  It was determined that August 1 would be the deadline w/a possible insert to accommodate late additions.   

e. Forms - Ann handed out the Vendor, Exhibitor (non-profit) and Parade forms for review and approval which were approved by consensus, making sure deadlines are included in each.

f. Other Expenses - Hannah gave Carol permission to order a 20x40 tent, 15 tables and 50 chairs, 3 port-a-potties and prizes for parade.  Carol estimated this year’s costs at $5,754.50; with beginning balance of $2,393.72 and half already paid for fireworks, leaves $1,360 to be raised.  Hannah reminded we have to reserve $3,000 for 2015 fireworks.  

7. Other Business:

Philip has made a couple of contacts regarding the Tractor Pull; if it happens, we will have a Pancake Breakfast, Tractor Pull, Parade, Lunch and then the Midway on Saturday.  Friday we don’t know what the Fire Department wants to do.  If we have Friday Food Vendors, they can go to another event the next day.  We will have breakfast and lunch on Saturday; it was determined that no other food is needed for that day.  

A short discussion regarding Vendors being there Friday vs. Saturday vs. both days.  Ann stated there will be vendors interested in Friday only; some, Saturday only; while others may want both.  She has spoken with Chief Clarke re the possibility of overnight security; this matter will be further discussed at the April meeting.  It is anticipated that town exhibitors may want Saturday only.

Children’s Activities -   Ann has found one person, Kathy Holmes, who is willing to help with these activities.  Committee determined the desired times:  11:00-12:00 and 1:00-2:00 OR maybe 11-2.  

Trash - Philip has checked with Town Administrator Jodi Pinard re Pinard Waste Systems Inc. to drop off a dumpster on Thursday and pick up on Monday; this will cost nothing as it is a donation which will be acknowledged in the Program.  Both Ann and Philip have some ideas regarding mower-vac the grounds to help alleviate the back-breaking job of people picking up the debris.

Also to be discussed at the April meeting is the band - one for background music vs. dance music.

Next Meeting will be 7pm, Thursday, April 10, 2014, Town Library

Meeting adjourned 8:48pm

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Davis, Secretary

Tentative monthly meetings:  May 8; June 12; closer to COHD, meetings may be more frequent.

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