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Minutes 06/23/2016
2016 COHD Committee Meeting
June 23, 2016, 6:30pm, Carpenter Park Pavilion

Call to Order:  6:33pm

Present (Committee Members; Committed Volunteers):  Philip Hitchcock, Lucille Noel, Carolee Davison, Zack Boyajian, Ann Davis; Heather White, Stacie Boyajian, Ben Chaffee, Josh Wright, Brian Searles.

Intro by Chair

- Membership Status was explained, being four (Donna Chagnon, Zack Boyajian, Philip Hitchcock, Ann Davis) members who signed and returned the volunteer membership form who may vote.  As with other committees, members speak and vote while non-members speak at the end.  Stacie objected to the differences suggesting that the volunteer form be amended.  Chair advised that changes should be brought up at the next meeting so he may bring them back to the Board of Directors for a vote.  Zack stated that he almost didn’t sign the membership form but wants to support the COHD event.

Chair reiterated the time period when the Grange could no longer sponsor COHD and asked for the Town to take it over to which they responded “no.”   The same response was received from Parks & Recreation Commission as they did not have enough members to handle it.  So a group of five individuals got together to continue COHD tradition.  Heather asked who was on the Board; Chair advised: Philip Hitchcock, Carolee Davison, Lucille Noel, Teresa Paradis, Ann Davis.  Heather stated she just wants an old home day to happen, so she volunteered and is committed to accomplishing her tasks, and asked for the 501(c)(3) number in order to obtain donations for the meal, i.e., paper goods.

- Agenda procedure - Chair stated that as with every other legitimate organization, the agenda will be followed and information will go into the minutes.  

- Chair appointed current COHD treasurer Ann Davis as interim board Secretary to take official committee minutes to be posted on the webpage.  

Members - Activities/Schedule Status:

- Philip advised he contacted Hannah West and it was announced in the 06/22 issue of SVS was that there is an old home day event on Aug. 20.  And that he will be working up the event program with graphics of Touch-A-Truck activity and referring to the day as a family affair.  He will also follow-up on the insurance rider.  Heather discussed the possibility of the CYA being in charge of the run and charge; Zack stated that if they charge, then they accept full liability responsibility.   Also discussed, the safety issues of satellite campfires vs one volunteer-operated grill to make s’mores.   We are left hanging until coverage can be confirmed by Town Administrator which will not happen until the new insurance company takes over in July which seems unreasonable to some.   Heather will contact Jen Cassidy to see what the plan is, who then will contact Ann.

- Zack clarified that if more money was needed for the port-a-potties, he would see what he could do.  Chair said he would make sure the facilities will be rented at the same time as the tent, tables and chairs.

- Though absent at this meeting due to her uncle’s surgery, Donna Chagnon is in charge of signage.

- Ann will arrange for recycling bins and be the contact person re timeline of activities for media; phone and email provided.  (Hannah West - SVS; Carol Hendee - Concord Monitor)  

- Lisa Prizio (Library) will be doing an activity.  

- Fundraising was discussed due to the lack of funds for the entire event.  Heather asked if water and drinks could be sold.  At the last meeting, Stacie had offered to order glow sticks to sell as a fundraiser for the committee; she has already researched that the product lasts for 18 months and if not sold out there would be a supply for the following year.  

- A petting zoo (Teresa Paradis) is planned as has been done in previous years.  Parks & Rec will decide on an appropriate location (Zack).

- Lucille & Carolee stated there is a list of 12-18 non-profit organizations and they will be sending out the letters and forms next week which prompted a short discussion regarding the differences between town organization vendors and for-profit vendors in that the latter need insurance certificates.  

- Josh (Police Depart) and Brian (Fire Dept) advised communication has been made with Marsten (Len) and working on shuttle service, hopefully running 9-3 between pick-up spots and the park; arrangements need to be confirmed.  This should eliminate much of the parking issues, though parking will be available, then a short discussion about street parking and that the fire chief and road agent need to be consulted.  It being suggested to accommodate 15-20 cars, reserved parking for the handicapped was established - the entire row directly in front of the paved basketball court with easy access to the pavilion.

- Touch-a-Truck (Fire Dept/Assoc) was discussed - location at the highway shed; road agent and selectmen need to be contacted re use of the facility.  So far, there will be fire trucks, ambulance, excavator, dump truck; possibly a helicopter.  Ann stated children crossing the road as a safety concern; Josh agreed and said a crossing guard will be posted.    
- Ann will be meeting with Team Leader Darren Tapp re other children’s activities.  

- Heather (food) inquired since not everyone eats pork, what other foods could be offered and should individuals, as well as businesses, be asked to donate items such as: cookies, pies, potato & macaroni salads or watermelon, which led into a food safety issues.  After some discussion, it was decided the free meal will consist of: Pig - Beans - Coleslaw - Rolls - Cake - Beverage.  Since she has done so for three years, Ann offered to provide vegan beans.  Tentatively, the meal will be served at noon; historically that has been the serving time and so as not to exclude a large portion of attendees including elders.   

- Bonfire and satellite campfires were discussed.  The location will be near the Carpenter Road entrance where a pile of wood is already located; more wood needs to be cut.  Ann suggested Nate to help cut the dead trees; Philip stated he will contact Nate who recently mentioned he is willing to help out and he will then connect with Zack.  After a short discussion about “clean” wood, Ben offered to find out what can be used and if pallets can be brought in for this purpose.

Some concern was timing when the lunch and activities were over, people would leave and how to draw them back to the event at 4:30/5:00.  Heather/Stacie? made a good suggestion - to advertise the evening activities with “bring your own blanket, your own chairs and your own Family Picnic Dinner” to enjoy the Bonfire at 6:00; all agreed.   
Carolee (Grange & Library) offered to pay for s’mores ingredients to be passed out during the bonfire.  Ben offered to contact Pinard re trash receptacle; Philip provided contact name and number.   
- Ben asked for copy of by-laws, and also would like COHD photos to be sent to him for Facebook page.

Tentative Schedule:
08:00   Run (Stephanie, Stacie)
09:00   Trail Walk (Zack)
10:00 - 2:00    Touch-a-Truck
12:00 - 1:30    Meal
 4:00 - 5:30   Bring-your-own Family Picnic Dinner
 6:00 - 8:00   Bonfire & S’mores

Meeting adjourned at 7:51pm

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