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Selectmen Minutes 11/01/2011
Chichester Board of Selectmen
Minutes of Meeting
November 1, 2011

Members present:  Richard DeBold, Jeffrey Jordan, Mike Paveglio
Others Present:  Nancy Tanner (Town Administrator), Donna Chagnon, Ed Millette, Matt Cole, Michele Plunkett, Jim Plunkett, Pat Clarke, John Freeman, Alan Quimby, Jason Weir, John Martell, Lucille Noel, Paul Sanborn

Chairman DeBold opened the meeting at 7:00PM.  

Department Heads

Fire: The Department has been busy.  They participated in a 3-alarm drill.  There was a 2-alarm building fire.  The fire was in a 2.5 story house with 4 units being occupied.  The mutual aid system worked well and the surrounding Towns came to our aid in fighting the fire.  The Chief gave praise to all who worked the fire for a job well done.

Engine 2 had two tires replaced due to dry rot.  The Department has been working with the Library on their meeting room.

The Department participated in a survey with the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth last year and as a result of the survey we received two Kendrick Traction Devices.  These devices can be used on Adults and Children to stabilize a leg injury.  

Mr. Paveglio asked the department to obtain an independent evaluation of Engine 2.

Building:  Three permits since the last meeting; total fees = $432.20.

Health:  The water test at Carpenter Park is being processed.  Chief Clarke reviewed with the Selectmen a camera security system he happened to see.   The Selectmen are not interested in a camera system at this time.

Highway:  The highway department survived the last storm with 13 hours of overtime.  The roads were still soft and difficult to plow.  Jim expects about $4,000 to come from FEMA for the Irene event.  Jim reported that Asplundh tree service is in town doing tree work for Unitil.  The branches left at roadsides are from them not the Highway Department.  Jim said his waste removal costs have skyrocketed.  Mr. DeBold will look into getting pick up from BCEP.

Mr. Jordan asked about the Department’s budget (80% spent).  Jim is watching fuel, but thinks he will be fine.

Library:  The Library with the help of volunteers will be moving the books from the basement so that the floor can be replaced.  Lucille reported that when water came into the building from the storm it caused quite a bit of moisture in the building and the insulation is wet.  Nancy will follow-up with the Trustees. There is a petition at the Library to keep the interlibrary van service going.  This service may be affected by cuts from the State.

Food Pantry:  Mr. DeBold made a motion seconded by Mr. Paveglio to accept and authorize the expenditure of unanticipated funds in the amount of $371.00 received from the Chichester Firefighter’s Association for the support of the food pantry.  Motion Passed.

Bee Hole Beavers:
The Bee Hole Beavers Snowmobile Club would like to have a benefit pig roast at Carpenter Park on January 21st.  The request is fine with the Board.  The Club would also like to have the parking lot at Carpenter Park designated as a parking area.  The Selectmen do not want to see this becoming an issue where residents cannot find a place to park to go sledding.  The issue was tabled. The club will monitor the parking lot this winter and revisit the request next year.

Other Business

2012 lawn care bids:  The following bids were received:
BMC  $4,100
Lawn Guys $4,140
Saints Lawn Care $4,200
Steve’s Quality Lawn Care $7,000

The Selectmen and the Department Heads who were present have been happy with the service Saint’s has provided this past year.  They would like to keep the same vendor since the difference in cost is nominal.

Mr. Paveglio made a motion seconded by Mr. Jordan to award the 2012 lawn care bid to Saint’s Lawn Care for $4,200.  Motion passes.

Junkyards:  The Junkyard Dog, who is working with the Town on a junkyard, made an inquiry of a sign on Route 4 that advertises buying junk vehicles.  He advised it should be looked into.  The Selectmen do not believe there are junk vehicles on site of that property.  Chief Clarke will check it out.

Tax Rate Setting:  Nancy received the tax rate setting worksheet from DRA.  Different scenarios were discussed.  The Selectmen unofficially set the rate at $19.30.

Health Insurance:  Nancy looked at other plans which would cost the Town less.  The Selectmen would like the employees to be in on the decision of changing plans.  Nancy will set up a meeting with the employees and our LGC representative to discuss other plans.
2012 Budget:  The Selectmen would like the Budget Committee and the CIP committee to attend the November 15th meeting to discuss the CIP recommendations.

Baseball camp:  The Selectmen received a request from IHB Baseball to hold baseball camp at Carpenter Park from July 2 – 6 2012.  Mr. DeBold will follow-up with the school’s athletic director and report back to the Board next week.

Accounts payable and payroll were approved.

A motion by Mr. DeBold and seconded by Mr. Paveglio to adjourn the meeting at 8:47pm.  Motion passes.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Tanner

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 Richard DeBold, Chairman             D.  Michael Paveglio                                Jeffrey Jordan

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