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Selectmen Minutes 07/12/2011
Chichester Board of Selectmen
Minutes of Meeting
July 12, 2011

Members present:  Richard DeBold, Mike Paveglio, Jeffrey Jordan
Others Present:  Nancy Tanner (Town Administrator), Pat Clarke, Lucille Noel, Matt Cole, Donna Chagnon, Richard Moore
Chairman DeBold opened the meeting at 7:00PM.  

Department Heads

Police:  The Selectmen received comment from a citizen regarding concern with the parking at Frekey’s Dairy Freeze.  He reported seeing many vehicles parked along the side of the roadway and some parked in the roadway.  He would like the situation to be reviewed by the Police.  Chief Clarke and his officers will monitor the situation.  

Mr. Jordan observed an officer who pulled someone over in the Z-1 parking lot and due to the position of the police cruiser the parking lot was blocked.  Chief Clarke will follow-up.

Health:  The Selectmen would like Chief Clarke to do a second water test of the Carpenter Park well.

Fire:  Chief Quimby was not present due to another commitment.  Deputy Chief Cole reported in his absence.  There was a major incident on Route 4 on Monday.  Many agencies assisted and a Critical Incident Stress Debriefing was held for those who responded.  The Chief thanks Richard DeBold for spotting a private advertisement on the Department sign and alerting the Chief.  The Town does not post advertisements on their signs for private businesses.  The Department is working on the inventory of vehicles.

Old Home Day:  Donna Chagnon asked for permission to use the Town signs for Old Home Day as has been the past practice.  Since Old Home Day is a Town sponsored event Donna was given permission.  Mr. DeBold asked about the status of the Roy Baum dedication.  Mr. DeBold will follow-up with Paul Twomey.

Library:  The book sale last Saturday raised $450.  The next book sale will be August 13th.  The Library has discounted passes to Shaker Village, the Planetarium, and the NH Farm Museum.  There has been a good response from the community on the summer reading program.  The Library will be hosting the following:

July 20th – Songs from around the world
August 2nd – Search and Rescue program “lost proofing” your kids
August 17th – Reptiles from around the world

CIP:  The CIP committee presented a spreadsheet of projects as submitted.  The total over ten years is $4.2 million.  Historically the Town has spent around $1.3 million over ten years.  The bottom line seems to be that many projects will have to be cut or moved out farther.  

Other Business

Heritage:  The Heritage Commission is working on restoring the historical charm of Main Street.  They are concerned about the stone wall on the corner of Main Street and Route 4 as there has been recent work on that property.  Lucille Noel wanted to be sure that the current owner is aware of an agreement having to do with the stone wall.  It does not appear the stone wall has been changed.  Nancy will call the owner to make sure they are aware of the agreement.

Well:  Mr. DeBold consulted the Town Engineer on the Harkness well issue.  He presented the Board with two options one is to have a design drawn up, which most likely would be contracted out; the other was to have CLD write a RFP for the existing plan.  It was decided to have CLD write the RFP.   Mr. DeBold will follow-up.  

Library Roof:  The Library Trustees provided the Selectmen with an estimate and condition report.  It was decided that the roof could wait until 2012 and be placed on next year’s warrant.  

Community Building Roof:  Mr. Houle provided an update to Selectmen Paveglio.  He said that a steel roof would not be possible due to the pitch of the roof and where the snow would fall.  He is still trying to organize a volunteer effort.  The Selectmen will make a decision on July 26th.  

Finlayson/Stickney:   The Board of Selectmen has received a request from the Planning Board to engage in enforcement action to bring the Finlayson/Stickney property into compliance with its granted approvals.  The owners have removed a tree line that was a condition of approval as well as placed a sign in the Town’s right of way. There may be a violation of RSA 227-J:9 with the timber harvest.  Nancy will follow-up with Doug Miner regarding the harvest.  The Selectmen agreed a cease and desist should be issued so the matter can be cleared up.

State owned property:  The Selectmen received notice that the State will be selling four lots along route 4.  The Town has no interest in purchasing those properties.

Conservation:  The Conservation Commission has received a draft of a deed restriction for the Ferman property.  Nancy will have the Town’s Attorney review the document.

Accounts payable and payroll were approved.

A motion by Mr. Paveglio and seconded by Mr. DeBold to adjourn the meeting at 8:55pm.  Motion passes.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Tanner

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      Richard DeBold, Chairman D.  Michael Paveglio                                 Jeffrey Jordan

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