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SELECTMEN'S MINUTES December 4, 2001

PRESENT:  Jeffrey Jordan, Theodore Bailey, Dennis Call, Judy Kenneally, Heather Briggs


The minutes of 11/20/2001 and 11/27/2001 were approved, signed and posted to the web page.


BUDGET COMMITTEE MEETING:  Stephen MacCleery, Joanna McIntosh, Richard Debold and Walter           

SUBJECT:  Road Agent, Bill Stevens

Present:  A J May

Presented the highway budget to the Board of Selectmen and the Budget Committee.

A J is meeting with Vollmer Assoc. and Malachy Glen representatives tomorrow to determine if Connemara Drive is acceptable.

SUBJECT:  Recreation, Richard Debold

Presented the recreation budget to the Board and Budget Committee.

SUBJECT:  Library

No show.

The budget request looks acceptable as submitted.

SUBJECT:  Board discussion

The Board was reminded to perambulate on December 15 at 8:00 AM.

Paul Adams asked if the Town had recorded the tax maps at the Registry of Deeds.  The assumption is that they have been.  Each new subdivision is recorded.

The Concord Regional Visiting Nurse Assn. would like to hold a senior health clinic here at the Grange.  The Board agreed.

Avitar submitted a proposal of $104,340 to revalue the Town beginning 2002.  This includes the cost to have an appraiser on staff for Chichester to be available to residents one day per month as required by the new appraisal regulations.

Capital Reserve requests will be discussed at a later date.  Cpl. Clarke would like to use the Office Equipment Capital Reserve Fund to purchase another laptop computer for the other cruiser.  The Board will discuss this with Cpl. Clarke at the next department meeting.

Arnold Price was chosen as the new planning board member.  Judy will contact him for the appointment.

The Board postponed the discussion of the Wehrle complaint until they view the structure.

The grammar school students are requesting funds for the eigjth-grade class again.  Gloria Andrews would like to know if the Board would put the students’ request for funds under a line item in the budget.  The Board prefered to have a presentation of the project before they decide.

Respectfully submitted,

Jeffrey Jordan

Theodore Bailey

Dennis Call

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