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Selectmen's minutes August 28, 2001

PRESENT:  `Theodore Bailey, Dennis Call, Judy Kenneally


The minutes of August 21 were accepted as written and signed.


SUBJECT:   Road Agent assistant, A J May

A J is working with NHMA regarding the requirements on posting King Road to “No Thru Trucking”.  It appears that the Board can impose the ordinance.  They recommend having a public hearing to have public input, but it is not required.  The decision must be made in an open public meeting.  NHMA is checking on the requirements of signage.  

The Town shed is scheduled to start next week.

Discussed stone walls that are too close to the road.

The State sent a letter saying that they trimmed the trees on the corner of Suncook Valley Road and Depot Road.

SUBJECT:  Carolee Davison

Carolee wanted to report that a window in the Grange is broken.  Also, a globe on the ceiling light is broken.  She asked if the pipe at the end of the driveway could be removed.  The outside light at the front of the building doesn’t work.  Requested a stop sign at the new Connemara Drive.  The stop sign is the responsibility of the developer at this point.

SUBJECT:  Kevin Steed

Mr. Steed is asking to use the extra building on his property as a residence for his son.  The original owners lived in this building when they were constructing their new home.  When the construction was  completed  the extra building was to be vacated.  

Zoning does not allow two residences on the same property.  Mr. Steed explained that a prior planning board gave someone else permission to do so if they attached the buildings and used it for family.  The Board explained that the current board was not obligated to abide by a previous board’s decision if that decision did not comply with zoning.

Mr. Steed’s property card was checked to show that the garage in question is valued at $23,000 and the zone is wetland which would disqualify him for a subdivision.

SUBJECT:  Board decision

There is a new statue that allows municipalities to collect a transportation fee for motor vehicle registrations.  No action was taken at this time.

Selectman Call and Selectman Bailey voted to pay for Harkness’ salt.  Judy will call Clark’s Grain to let them know Harkness will be charging.

The Board agreed that all payroll will be submitted to the Selectmen’s office on a weekly basis effective immediately.

Discussed the bay for the police cruiser.

Respectfully submitted,

Theodore Bailey

Dennis Call

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