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Selectmen Minutes 11/18/2014
Chichester Board of Selectmen
Minutes of Meeting
Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Members Present:  Chairman Richard DeBold, D Michael Paveglio, Jeffrey Jordan, and Administrative Assistant Jamie A Pike.

Others Present:  Paul Sanborn, Donna Chagnon, Lucille Noel, Tom Houle, Richard Pratt, Phillip Hitchcock, and Anne Davis.

Chairman DeBold called the meeting to order at 6:30pm.

Paul Sanborn:  Mr. Sanborn was present this evening to speak regarding the snowmobile trail located on the Shaw Fields.  Mr. Paveglio met with Mr. Sanborn at the fields over the past week to review the placement of fertilizer stockpiles and bales of hay left by Mr. Briggs.  Mr. Paveglio feels the bales pose an impending danger to recreational snowmobilers.  Further the stockpiles of fertilizer are located adjacent to the trail.   The Board, taking the situations under advisement, will modify the agreement for the ensuing year to include that there shall be no stockpiles of fertilizer or crops left in the field during the winter season.  Mr. Paveglio and Mr. Jordan will reach out to Mr. Briggs in the forthcoming week to have the existing bales removed from the fields or moved to an outside wall or removed from the field.

Further, the Board of Selectmen authorized a one-year trail agreement for the snowmobile club.

Landscaping Bids:  There were two bids received for the landscaping maintenance of the Town’s buildings and for that of Carpenter Park and Thunder Bridge.

Saint’s Lawn Care - $6,000
Residential Remedies - $6,500 (Current contractor)

The Board discussed the benefits that Residential Remedies provided to the Town during the past year, and the extra care and attention to detail that was provided.  Ms. Noel stated that the work completed at the Library during the past year was impeccable.  Without further discussion, a motion was made by Mr. Paveglio and seconded by Mr.  Jordan to approve and grant the landscaping contract to Residential Remedies for the 2015.  Motion passes.

Town Report Bids:  There were four bids received for the printing of the Town Report for the ensuing year.  The bids were based on the production of 550 books.

        Hannaford & Dumas - $3,511.96
        Wharf Industries - $3,087.50 (Current contractor)
        Speedy Printing & Copying - $3,636.41
        Kase Printing - $2,664.00

The Board asked Mr. Pike for his recommendation.  Mr. Pike stated that his recommendation comes down to price.  Where the report is completely published in-house, its production is now merely a printing job.  While the Town has a great relationship with Wharf Industries for a few years, Mr. Pike checked references for Kase Printing of Hudson, and found all to be exceptional.  Mr. Pike noted that the Town’s he spoke to, no longer put out there reports for bid and typically use a preferred printing company.  Without further discussion, a motion was made by Mr. DeBold and seconded by Mr. Paveglio to approve and grant the printing contract to Kase Printing for the 2014 Town Report.  Motion passes.

Other Business:

Ms. Noel reported that there will be Library book sale on Saturday, November 22nd from 9am to noon.

The Board requested references for RMON Networks with respect to the IT Bid.

A motion was made by Mr. DeBold and seconded by Mr. Paveglio to accept and authorize the expenditure of a donation in the amount of $200 from Pittsfield First Congregational Church to support the Food Pantry.  Motion passes.

A motion was made by Mr. Paveglio and seconded by Mr. DeBold to grant an abatement in the amount of $49,100 to Lakeside Trading, LLC due to a data entry error.  Motion passes.

Mr. Pike reminded the Board that next week there will be a meeting with counsel at 6pm.

Being no further business, a motion was made by Mr. Paveglio and seconded by Mr. Jordan to adjourn the meeting at 6:55pm.  Motion passes.

Respectfully submitted,

Jamie A Pike

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