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Selectmen Minutes 05/27/2014
Chichester Board of Selectmen
Minutes of Meeting
Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Member Present: Richard DeBold, Michael Paveglio, Jeffrey Jordan, Town Administrator Jodi Pinard

Others Present: Alan Quimby, Jim Plunkett, John Martell, Patrick Clarke, Lucille Noel, Donna Chagnon, Philip Hitchcock, Ed Millette

Call to Order: Mr. DeBold called the meeting to order at 6:30pm


Department Heads        

Police – Patrick Clarke stated I would like to bring up ordinances for Alarms and Construction Flagging. Tractor Supply has a constant false alarm which forces us to go out every time that it sounds. Most other towns have ordinances.

Mr. Paveglio stated I am in support of this if this is going to make it easier for the both the fire and police departments.  

Mr. Clarke stated I would l also like to look in the construction detail as well. The major roadways would need to have details.

Mr. Plunkett stated it would be nice to be notified if something is going on. These major companies coming into town causes some roadway damage at times.

Mr. Clarke stated Waveguide was all over town and we were not notified.

Chief Quimby stated it would be nice to know for emergency purposes as well. This is should be considered a safety issue as well.

It was stated that during the last auction at Atlantic Traders there were issues on route 4 and people were parking on Mason as well as Route 4. I was wondering if we could put some no parking signs there like we are considering doing on Deer Meadow.

Emergency Management – Nothing to report

Fire – Chief Quimby reviewed the school parking issue meeting. We went over some of the ongoing issues and we worked on some in house information with signage and information that is going home to parents regarding the no parking areas. We are also looking at marking one side of Deer Meadow as no parking.
Matt Cole completed Fire Fighter Officer I class as well as completed Fire Inspector I class as well. Riley Northrup graduated and is a full paramedic.

Building – Nothing to report

Library – Lucille Noel stated this was the 1st week with new library aid and all has gone very well. We have two book sales in June. One on the 7th as well as the Plant Sale, the other is on the 21st. We have a monthly raffle and a donation of two really great bicycles and we will be doing that as a complete summer raffle at the end of the summer. The Library grounds look great and Tim Baker has done a great job.

Highway – Jim Plunkett stated I will look at the no parking signs for Deer Meadow and Mason. I’m going to finish the fire department gravel road. I put some magnesium chloride on the roads the price I have received from vendors are $418 a bag and it is 1.1 tons to treat a mile. So it is roughly $490 a mile for the treatment of the dirt roads. State bid is $682 and Allstate asphalt only does liquid which is $1500 per mile. Chemical Solutions 20 bags per truck load. These costs are built into the material cost portion of my budget.

Regarding the Depot Street shim and overlay the contractor that was awarded the job was Advanced Excavating and Paving. I calculated it out it is about $9,000 if we grind it, it is an additional $1000. These were bid through Epsom.

We are grading roads right now.

I spoke with Jodi and we are sending out the paving bids for the other road projects and I am hoping that I may be able to get a better price as we have included a miscellaneous of asphalt price for 500 tons.

Mr. Paveglio stated I think you should grind Depot Street as it is the right way to do it.

Jim Plunkett stated I was going to do Depot but not grind it but for $1000 I want to grind it.

Mr. Paveglio and Mr. DeBold reminded department heads that we need to keep an eye on the maintenance and major repairs should be paid out of the warrant article.

General Business/Board Discussion

Abatement –

A motion was made by Mr. DeBold and seconded by Mr. Paveglio to accept the Assessor’s recommendation on the following abatements:
Map 3 Lot 12 Sub A abate the amount of $126,100 in assessed value
Map 9 Lot 94 abate the amount of $52,500 in assessed value
Map 3 Lot 14 abate the amount of $92,800 in assessed value
Map 4 Lot 168 to deny the abatement request
Map 4 Lot 168 Sub A abate the amount of $169,700 in assessed value
Motion Passes

Special Town Meeting September 9, 2014 Reconsideration
A motion was made by Mr. DeBold and seconded by Mr. Paveglio to reconsider the vote taken on May 6, 2014, to hold a Special Town Meeting on September 9, 2014 as requested by the Planning Board. Motion Passes

Mr. DeBold stated I was troubled when we discussed it before and I don’t think this is what we should be trying to reconsider zoning ordinances at a special town meeting. I believe this should be done in March at town meeting. I don’t know whether the other side would be doing the same thing.

Mr. Paveglio stated I don’t think it is about what side your on it is the Planning Board’s job to bring these items forward and they felt as though there were inconsistences about information and that they want get a bigger turnout.

Mr. DeBold stated it does not settle well with me and I do not think this is the way to reconsider a zoning ordinance. I think it should be at town meeting.

Mr. Jordan stated I have been thinking about it and I have to agree it with Mr. DeBold.

Mr. Paveglio stated I want to support the Planning Board.

Mr. DeBold stated I don’t think this is a special issue.

Lucille Noel stated that this is going to be a different proposal and they will attempt get more voters out to support it.

Mr. DeBold stated they will have information out there so those who want to be informed will be informed.

Mr. Paveglio stated I think one thing is always easier to vote on than numerous articles. I think there are more advantages to getting a true vote of what the people want.

Mr. DeBold stated I cannot argue that but I do not think that it warrants a special meeting. Let them bring it to town meeting. I want to change my vote.

A motion was made by Mr. Paveglio and seconded by Mr. DeBold to call a special town meeting on September 9, 2014 to coincide with the state primary for the purpose of voting on an updated sign ordinance. 1 yea and 2 nay Motion Fails

Public Input:

Lucille Noel stated the windows will be done on the last weekend of June and the window sills are really in need of some paint. That may be something to think about. Maybe something that could be done while the windows are out. There may be some time. The Cellar Hole presentation had 38 people. The historical Society has already identified 20 cellar holes. NH Preservation Alliance asked the Historical Society about the barns. Since 2005, 10 barns have been lost and 6 more are in dire condition.

Olive Edmunds, the Boston Post cane holder has hung it on the wall so that she does not wave it at anyone.

Jim Plunkett stated I have had a lot of traffic looking at the used equipment and saying they will be bidding on them.

Shaw field has had illegal activity and need some signs that state no vehicles beyond a point or a possible gate.

A motion was made by Mr. DeBold and seconded by Mr. Paveglio to adjourn the meeting at 8:03pm. Motion Passes

Respectfully submitted,

Not approved until signed

Jodi Pinard, Town Administrator

Richard DeBold, Chair    D. Michael Paveglio        Jeffrey Jordan

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