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Selectmen Minutes 08/09/2011
Chichester Board of Selectmen
Minutes of Meeting
August 9, 2011

Members present:  Richard DeBold, Jeffrey Jordan
Others Present:  Nancy Tanner (Town Administrator), Alan Mayville, Michele Plunkett, Donna Chagnon, Jim Plunkett, John Martell, Lucille Noel, John Freeman

Chairman DeBold opened the meeting at 7:00PM.  

Department Heads

Building:  John Freeman provided a two week report.  There were six permits; total fees = $664.62.

Highway:  Jim presented the waiver for the equipment operators for Old Home Day.  The Selectmen would like the Road Agent to inquire about the experience/qualifications of those who will be operating our equipment and report back to Nancy.  Pleasant Street is finished and Lane Road is nearly finished.
Jim will be working on getting rid of the stumps on Canterbury Road.

Library:  The alarm at the Library was repaired. The “lost proofing” program had about 30 in attendance.  There are art exhibits planned for September.  Coming up:
8/17 Reptiles
8/24 Movie

Food Pantry:  Donna has one freezer and one apartment sized refrigerator belonging to the food pantry.  These items are not being used.  Donna asked the Selectmen if she could sell them at the Old Home Day yard sale and have the proceeds benefit the food pantry.  The Selectmen agree.

Other Business

Carpenter Park:  Jim Plunkett will be working with Richard DeBold to bring the playground into compliance.  The kid safe ground cover will be extended six feet on three sides and as close to six feet as possible on the one remaining side. After the work discussed is completed the Selectmen are in agreement to open the playground.

Fire Department Fence:  Nancy received an email from the Fire Department’s neighbor regarding the fence that is in disrepair.  The Selectmen will inspect the fence and make a decision at their next meeting.

Community Building Roof:  RFP specifications were drawn up for the roof project.  It was decided that the radio antennas would be taken down and saved.  There was a discussion as to the level of detail of the specs.  Some felt it contained too much detail and specifics.  The specs will be sent out as prepared.

Economic Development:  Mr. Jordan reported the Planning Board would like to know how the Selectmen felt about being more aggressive with economic development.  Mr. DeBold stated that he would be in favor of a meeting to discuss it.  Mr. Jordan will solicit possible meeting times from the Planning Board.

Heritage Commission:  The Commission will once again be sponsoring the wood pile contest.  The Highway Department has donated a cord of wood.  The Commission has designed a brochure for Main Street and it will be available soon.  The brochure can be found after hours in the front bulletin board on the Grange Hall.

The Heritage Commission was not awarded the Moose plate grant to replace the Grange Hall windows; however they would like to spearhead a campaign “one pane at a time” where people can sponsor a pane.  The commission had 2,000 daffodil bulbs donated and will be planted them along Main Street.

Pursuant to RSA 91-A:3 II(e) Mr. DeBold made a motion seconded by Mr. Jordan for a non-public session to discuss a legal matter at 8:10pm.  Roll call vote was unanimous.
Pursuant to RSA 91-A:3 Mr. DeBold made a motion seconded by Mr. Jordan to exit the nonpublic session at 8:17.  Roll call vote was unanimous.

The minutes of the nonpublic session were sealed.

Accounts payable and payroll were approved.

A motion by Mr. DeBold and seconded by Mr. Jordan to adjourn the meeting at 8:17pm.  Motion passes.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Tanner

____________________________    ______Absent ___________      __________________________
      Richard DeBold, Chairman D.  Michael Paveglio                                 Jeffrey Jordan

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