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Selectmen Minutes 10/27/2009
Chichester Board of Selectmen
Minutes of Meeting
October 27, 2009

Members present:  Stephen MacCleery, Jeffrey Jordan, and Richard DeBold
Others Present:  Nancy Tanner (Town Administrator), Barbara Frangione, Richard Holloran,  Donna Chagnon, Gil Vien, Lucille Noel, Walter Sanborn, Bette Bogdan, and John Martell

Chairman MacCleery opened the meeting at 7:02PM.

Other Business

Emergency Management:  John Martell reported that the Town will be getting an additional reimbursement from the State for damages incurred during the ice storm of 2008.  The amount will be approximately $4,319.21.

Candidates Forum:  Ms. Bogdan asked about the possibility of having a candidate’s forum before the March elections.  The Selectmen did not feel it was appropriate for the Selectmen to organize the event, but another group in town could do it.  

Pay and Classification Study:  Nancy presented a recommendation to the Selectmen for the pay and classification study.  The Selectmen would like to have the study done on three positions now and if they are pleased with the final product they will consider having more done.
Mr. DeBold made a motion seconded by Mr. Jordan to contract Local Government Center for a pay and classification study on the positions of Road Agent, Police Chief, and Town Administrator. – Motion Carries.

Assessing Proposals:  Proposals for General Assessing work for the year 2010 were received from Cross Country Appraisal Group and Brett Purvis & Associates.  Cross Country’s proposal was $50/hour for general assessing work; $30 per parcel for pickups and $65 per hour for appeals (yearly amount $8,550 plus appeals).  Purvis’ proposal was $11,208 annually plus $600/day for appeals.
Mr. MacCleery made a motion seconded by Mr. Jordan to award the contact to Cross Country Appraisal Group at $50/hour for general assessing work; $30 per parcel for pickups and $65 per hour for appeals. Motion Carries.

Health Benefits:  The cost for health insurance for the 2010 year will be up 11.4%

Space Needs Committee:  The Space Needs Committee toured the Brehm building.  Given the present needs of the Town they feel it is not practical to consider the building at this time.  Mr. DeBold will contact the owner. The purpose of the committee was discussed.  They will have a wrap up meeting and prepare a statement for the Town Report.  

Mapping CRF:  Doug Hall sent an email explaining the purpose of the mapping fund.  He feels with today’s technology the original purpose is no longer needed.  Mr. MacCleery would like to see the fund abolished.  There was discussion about whether the fund could be used for another mapping project.  Mr. MacCleery and Mr. DeBold agree that if there is no longer a need for the fund it should be addressed at Town Meeting.

Suncook River Restoration Task Force:  An email was received from Bruce Dyke asking the Selectmen if they would like him to represent Chichester on the task force.  The Selectmen agreed.
A motion was made by Mr. DeBold and seconded by Mr. MacCleery to allow Bruce Dyke to represent Chichester on the Suncook River Restoration Task Force. Motion Carries.

Zoning:   A letter was received from the Dapergolas’ attorney.  There was discussion about procedure after a zoning complaint is filed.  Nancy will do research on the proper procedure.  
A zoning complaint was received regarding signage at a business.  Nancy will research what the business was approved for.  

Department Heads:  Nancy will have to move the Department Head meetings.  Nancy mistakenly scheduled the budget meetings for the same nights as the Department Heads.  Nancy will notify the departments.

Veteran’s Day:  Ms. Chagnon would like to see a wreath placed on our Veteran’s stone for Veteran’s Day.  Mr. Martell on behalf of the Policemen’s Benevolent Association will coordinate with Ms. Chagnon.

General Blake’s House:  Mr. Sanborn asked about the possibility of the Conservation Commission buying General Blake’s house.  There was discussion.  Mr. Jordan will bring the idea to the Commission.  

Cross Road:   There was discussion about tractor trailer trucks still traveling on Cross Road.  The road is posted at 15 tons.  Nancy will notify Chief Clarke.

Recording of Meeting:  There was discussion as to the recording of the meeting and how the meetings would have to be run if we decided to record verbatim minutes.  
Pursuant to RSA 91-A:3 (a-e), a motion was made by Mr. MacCleery and seconded by Mr. DeBold to enter into non-public session for review of non-public minutes.  A roll call vote was taken:  MacCleery – Yea, Jordan –Yea, DeBold - Yea.  Motion passes.

Pursuant to RSA 91-A:3, a motion was made by Mr. MacCleery and seconded by Mr. DeBold to exit the non-public session at 9:21pm.  A roll call vote was taken:  MacCleery – Yea, Jordan – Yea.  Motion passes.

Pursuant to our Credit Card Policy Mr. Vien turned in credit cards to Home Depot and Staples.  

Accounts payable and payroll were approved in the amount of $27, 508.30.

A motion by Mr. MacCleery and seconded by Mr. DeBold to adjourn the meeting at 9:17pm.  Motion passes.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Tanner

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Stephen MacCleery, Sr., Chairman        Jeffrey Jordan                          Richard DeBold

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