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Selectmen Minutes 10/28/2008

Chichester Board of Selectmen
October 28, 2008

MEMBERS PRESENT:  Chairman DeBold, Selectman MacCleery, Selectman Jordan and Administrator Lisa Stevens.  

Others present: Alan Mayville, Martha Stock

Chairman DeBold opened the meeting at 7:00pm.

SUBJECT: Department Heads  
PRESENT: David Kenneally, Road Agent; Gil Vien, Fire Chief; John Martell, Emergency Management Director; John Uitts, Deputy Fire Chief; Stephen Stock, Forest Fire Warden

EMD ñ Mr. Martell queried the Board on the Letter of Intent submitted to the State for inclusion of Hazard Mitigation money for the Schey property.   Lisa created a scenario for submission purposes only; the Board has not discussed this matter further.  

PD ñ In Chief Clarkeís absence, Mr. Martell reported the fact that the Town Moderator has requested an additional police officer for traffic control on Election Day.  The police department has asked for assistance from the highway department for use of highway cones to mark off an entrance and exit pattern in the parking lot.  

HW ñ Due to the large volume of rain this past Saturday, the department is working on several washouts around town.

A large culvert needs replacing on Webster Mills Road, near the Warren property.  Mr. Warren had constructed a 30 x 30 rock culvert that appears to be failing.  This culvert runs along the front lawn of the property.  Mr. Kenneally is not sure if the culvert is washing out under the road as well.  Mr. Kenneally has asked the town engineer to come out and inspect the situation to determine if a patch can be done at this time and replacement of the culvert be done next year.   This is a large culvert; David estimates the cost of the culvert alone to be $2,000.

The snow plow contract needs to be finalized.  The current contractor has asked for standby pay of $500 per week from November ñ April. Standby pay is a guaranteed amount of money every week regardless of the weather.  State contracts and pricing were discussed for comparisons.  The Board was not aware of this request until this evening.  The Board needs to discuss this matter further before finalizing the contract.

Selectman MacCleery asked if the highway department could cold patch or fill in the dip in the Community Building parking lot.  A large puddle has developed and cold weather will create more of a hazard.

Lisa reminded David of the hole near the parsonage entrance as well and Selectman Jordan asked David to check the grade/drop off on Staniels Road near the Pembroke town line.  Chairman DeBold brought the wash out on the ditch line on Staniels Road to Davidís attention also. Chairman DeBold reported water is coming over the road and washing out.

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BOS minutes
October 28, 2008

FD ñ Chief Vien reported no additional bids have been received for Forestry III and asked for the Boardís decision.  There are two bids on file, $1.00 and $1500.00.  Chief Vien has solicited area departments and spoken to the State Ranger, no interest expressed at this time.  Motion Chairman DeBold, second Selectman Jordan to authorize the Fire Chief to contact the $1500.00 bidder and acquire whether or not he is still interested.  If so, the Board of Selectmen will sell him the Forestry III vehicle for a price of $1500.00.  Motion passed unanimously.

Chief Vien reported the hot water tank has been replaced by Rymes Heating for a cost of $790.00.  Selectman MacCleery passed along to the Chief, contact information from the Granite Group, who has offered to come out and perform an energy assessment on the Safety Building.

FFW ñ Warden Stock reminded the Board that $500.00 worth of hose (custom made for that vehicle) was purchased through his budget this year for the Forestry III truck.  Mr. Stock requested the Board return the money to his budget and expressed his opinion that not fixing the transmission on this truck was a bad move, and this $500.00 was an additional loss of taxpayerís money.  The hose was purchased with the intent that the truck would be put in service.  The truck has only been driven 32 miles since it was inspected.  Mr. Stock stated if the Chiefís comments in the minutes were correct about the brakes being shot and the steering no good, we have really abused the truck.    

Chief Vien stated he and Deputy Chief Uitts are looking into re-using the hoses on a small tank that the department has and putting that smaller tank on a truck for use.

Chairman DeBold stated the town had good intentions when purchasing what appeared to be a good deal on a good truck.  Chairman DeBold continued by stating he shared the Wardenís concerns that the town had put out a lot of money to purchase and outfit the truck and is not getting a lot back.

Selectman Jordan asked if the Warden had something to buy for the $500.00.  Mr. Stock does not but stated that the forestry budget is already overspent and he not submitted outstanding mileage reimbursement not to mention the possibility of another wild land fire before the season is over.

Subject: Personnel File
Present: Stephen Stock

Mr. Stock requested a letter written by Deputy Chief Uitts to the Concord Fire Chief regarding his conduct on a call in Chichester, while on duty for the Concord Fire Department be removed from his file.  Mr. Stock was not acting on behalf of the Chichester Fire-Rescue Department in any capacity. Mr. Stock stated his opinion that this was inappropriate as he was not an agent of the town.  The Board agreed to the request.  

Mr. Stock has received the response letter from Lisa regarding his complaint letter filed against Chief Vien and his behavior on October 18, 2008.  Mr. Stock stated he took the Boardís suggestion and immediately documented the incident, what was said and by whom and it is his opinion that the Chief has been allowed to weasel out of it again.  Mr. Stock stated he continues to be singled out when others are present, that this incident along with the complaint about the shirts and all the others is harassment by the Chief and that the Chief is abusing his power as Chief.

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BOS minutes
October 28, 2008

Chairman DeBold asked Mr. Stock what else the Board can do.  Two contradictory statements were received.  The Board talked about the complaint with the Chief.  You did the appropriate thing and brought it to our attention.  What further way can we go?

Mr. Stock stated this is going to stop tonight.  When the Chief came into the Paveglio house, the radio was off; yes it was on when he first went into the house.  Mr. & Mrs. Stock stated that Mrs. Vienís pager remained on the entire time and all broadcasts can and were heard through that as well.  Mr. Stock was there as a friend of the family and was asked personally to stay with Mrs. Paveglio.  Mr. Stock reiterated that he feels he is being singled out, his wife nor the neighbor was present and neither was asked to leave the house.

Chief Vien interjected that he is trying to work with Mr. Stock, that he has called him on a couple of calls for fires in the woods.

Chairman DeBold stated, as he has before, that both gentlemen need to try their best to get along, not be nitpicky and try to work together.  For the record, Chief Vien stated that he did not initiate the letter regarding the t-shirts that the letter was written at the request of the Selectmen.

Mrs. Stock stated this was going to stop tonight or they would take it further.

Subject: No Parking-Main Street
Present: Matt & Kristina Cole

Mr. & Mrs. Cole have met with the Board previously to discuss the parking problem they experience whenever an event is taking place at the school.  Vehicles park all over their lawn and block access to their driveway.  Mr. Cole has done as suggested and contacted the State, who informed him that consent to enforce by the police department and a letter of consent from the Selectmen were all that was necessary for the State to post the No Parking signs.  The area to post was discussed and the Board recognized that a problem exists in that entire area whenever the school is holding a function.  The Board consensus was to move ahead with a letter on the Coleís behalf but that further discussion was needed on how much additional area should or could be posted.

Subject: CIP Program
Present: Doug Hall, Chairman

Mr. Hall reported that the CIP committee had just wrapped out their final meeting and the draft report would be available tomorrow.  The Public Hearing is scheduled for November 13th at 7:00pm.  The committee recommended that it be a year round committee to monitor ongoing projects and allow for sufficient work to take place between the committee and departments.


Lisa informed the Board that Paul Colby would not be considering a permanent part-time arrangement but would remain available to assist with the building inspections in the interim.  Discussion took place regarding the set-up of a part-time building department.  Lisa will work on this and bring a proposal to the Board.

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BOS minutes
October 28, 2008

Chairman DeBold has been revising the proposed Commercial Occupancy Permit. It was suggested that the form be titled Commercial Use Permit.  The Board will table for now and look into the ICC (International Commercial Code) for reference of this and other readily available forms for the town to adopt.

Chairman DeBold has contacted the Pittsfield Town Administrator for follow-up to finalize the perambulation.  The Pittsfield Administrator will add this as an agenda items and contact the office with some dates.
Selectman MacCleery brought to the Boardís attention that the Road Agent had recorded and was paid for two hours for his attendance at last weeks Board meeting.  The Board did not request Mr. Kenneally to be present.  He attended as a guest of the employee, on his own accord.  The Board agreed Mr. Kenneally should not be compensated for these two hours and directed Lisa to notify Mr. Kenneally to work no more than 38 hours this week to accommodate for what he Board considered an overage.

The Board reviewed the results of the result water test contacted on the Mayville well on Horse Corner Road. Levels are down; further tests will be taken on a periodic basis.

A brief discussion took place regarding the contaminated wells on Rte 28.  Currently the town is responsible for maintaining water systems for four residences. The owners are now deceased on one property, it is not clear if this effects the towní standing in any way.  Lisa was asked to review the original documentation for answers.

Lisa updated the Board relative to the outstanding zoning complaints.
        Z-1 Express-light glare-the police department took pictures for the Boards documentation but the presence of glare could not be determined from the photos.  The Board agreed to visit the site at their leisure and record their interpretation of the offense if any.

Doucette-unregistered vehicles- the town has received no response or acknowledgment from the homeowners.  Lisa was directed to have the police department issue the violation letter in hand.  

Violation of change in use at 9 Horse Corner Road has been tabled due to the untimely passing of MR. Drew.  

The Board resumed their earlier discussion relative to the snow plow contract.  Contractor Mayville spoke frankly to the Board about his discussions of this matter with the Road Agent at least a month ago.  Mr. Mayville informed the Board that he will perform any type of maintenance needed on the town equipment he uses as he has in the past and does not believe this is an unreasonable request.  Mr. Mayville realizes he can no longer make repairs on his truck (the result of plowing) in the town shed.

Selectman MacCleery expressed his unhappiness for the Road Agent dropping this issue of standby on the Boardís lap at this late date.  The Board was led to believe the only issue was to confirm the hourly rate.  Selectman MacCleery also expressed his frustration that the contractor felt it necessary to speak to the Board on his own behalf because the Road Agent was not forthcoming.  Selectman MacCleery did not feel this was proper procedure.  Chairman DeBold was troubled as well that this issue was thrown at them with just an hour to make a decision.  Mr. Mayville offered to work a couple weeks without a contract to allow the Board sufficient time to discuss the issue with the stipulation that should the Board vote in favor

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BOS minutes
October 28, 2008

of the standby pay, the contract would be retro-active to November 1st.  No decision was made at this time.  The Board would like to bring this issue back to the table for a definitive answer on November 10th.

The Board will not hold Mr. Mayville to his offer should he find more suitable work in the meantime.
Selectman Jordan stated Mr. Mayville is always very dependable.

Lisa informed the Board that the town has received two IT proposals and five Contract Assessing proposals.  The Board directed Lisa to review and advise the Board of her recommendations.

Chairman DeBold opened the one bid received for repair to the storage building located at Carpenter Park.  The bid was well below the appropriated amount of $8,500.  Selectman Jordan moved to accept the bid from BRC General Contractors in the amount of $2425.00, for repair to the log cabin storage shed.  Selectman MacCleery seconded the motion.  Motion passed by unanimous vote.  Chairman DeBold will contact the Youth Association for $500.00, which represents half of their donation amount.

Mail and correspondence were reviewed.

Accounts payable and payroll were signed.

Being no further business, Chairman DeBold adjourned the meeting at 10:10pm.

Respectfully submitted,                                                 

Lisa Stevens                                                    
Approved As Corrected                          11/10/2008

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