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Selectmen Minutes 11/13/2007

Chichester Board of Selectmen
November 13, 2007                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

MEMBERS PRESENT:  Chairman Colbert, Selectman DeBold, Selectman MacCleery and Administrator Lisa Stevens.  

Chairman Colbert opened the meeting at 7:03pm.

SUBJECT: Department Heads
PRESENT: John Martell, Emergency Management Director, Patrick Clarke, Police Chief, Gilbert Vien, Fire Chief, John Uitts, Deputy Fire Chief, David Kenneally, Road Agent

EMD – Mr. Martell had nothing to report this evening.

FD – Chief Vien reported all is quiet at the department. A brief review of services proposed by Capital Med Ed was discussed.  This will be an additional training expense in the budget going forward.

HYW - Mr. Kenneally reported his difficulty in hiring an additional snowplow truck and driver.  Mr. Kenneally proposed the purchasing of a used 6-wheel truck and contracting a driver for the one ton.  The Board of Selectmen approved the expenditure of $9,000 for the purchase of a 1984 International truck complete with sander, plow and wing provided the truck had and or could obtain a valid inspection sticker.  The funds used will come from the highway department’s operating budget.

Mr. Kenneally notified the Board of Selectmen that he will be on vacation next week, November 19th – 23rd.    

Mr. Kenneally has re-aligned budget figures and adjusted the road plan, moving the Canterbury Road project back a year to 2009.  

A welder is needed to complete the construction of the pole shed for the sander rack.  Mr. Mayville has offered to perform the work for half the cost of having the job contracted out.  Chairman Colbert and Selectman DeBold approved Mr. Mayville to perform the welding work.

At this point in time, Mr. Kenneally will work out the details of the plow contract with the one contractor on file.

PD – Chief Clarke reported to the Board that Officer Seluk has tendered her official resignation effective December 1, 2007.  Ms. Seluk will remain on part-time duty during the hiring transition.  The Board accepted Ms. Seluk’s resignation with regret.   

The Route 4 construction details are coming to an end.  Chief Clarke will turn over the used Ford Explorer to the Fire Department once details are complete.

Cemetery – Trustee Joanna MacIntosh informed the Selectmen that the trustees would like to accept a proposal from Cartographic Associates in Littleton, NH for the proposed survey work.  Phase One will be Leavitt Cemetery.   The Selectmen informed Ms. MacIntosh that the trustees were able to sign this contract just as they do the mowing and maintenance contract for the cemeteries.

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BOS minutes
November 13, 2007

SUBJECT: 2008 Budget Proposals
PRESENT: Budget Committee members – Lucille Noel, Jason Weir, Scott Marston, Norm Larochelle, Lisa Drouse and John Martell

Police Department - Chief Clarke explained the re-allocation of funds within the vacation/sick/holiday line being moved to the part-time officers and extra coverage lines.  Tracking of this time has been difficult in the past and consequently has not always been paid out of the correct line item in the budget.  The department is changing how witness fees are handled.  The fees will now be forfeited to the Town and the officer will be paid for his time in court.  This will be reflected in the payroll line, the Chief does try to minimize overtime and adjust the shifts accordingly to accommodate the officers time at court.  The part-time and administrative assistant lines reflect a flat rate increase projected by the Chief.  

Lisa Drouse mentioned the possibility of the town’s workers compensation policy covering the cost of rabies inoculations should they be necessary.  Administrator Stevens will confirm with our carrier and forward the information to the Police Chief.

Ambulance  - Chief Vien explained that the cost of the Loudon subsidy has increased by 4%.  The Town of Loudon is projecting a 4%increase in their ambulance payroll.  Chief Vien is proposing the same for Chichester.  The Board of Selectmen and the Budget Committee agreed to the 4% increase ($1273.00 overall) for the ambulance personnel.  

Fire Department  - Revisions to the Fire Department budget were; line 4220-18-fuel-increase by $3,500.00; line 422-22-rename and reduce to $2,000.00;4220-44-EMS training-increase line to be $4,670.00;line 4220-82-increase to be $6,200.00.

Planning Board  – Chairman Towle answered questions regarding the Planning Board budget.  Line 4191-15-professional fees-reduce to $1,000.00; line 4191-19-legal expenses-reduce to $7,500.00.

The Budget Committee is recommending to the Board of Adjustment that they consider reducing their legal expense line to $7,000.00.  Ex-officio MacCleery will bring that recommendation to the Board of Adjustment.


The Selectmen reviewed the request once again, on behalf of additional input from the Historical Society, for the USGS to install a streamgage station at the Thunder Bridge location.  The Historical Society is planning to utilize the outside of this structure as an information kiosk to those who utilize the picnic area at Thunder Bridge.  The Board of Selectmen agreed to the Thunder Bridge location provided the society worked with the USGS office to make the structure blend in with its natural and historic surroundings.   

Selectman MacCleery discussed a phone call received regarding the ongoing barking dogs issue on Horse Corner Road.  This neighbor is looking for an update from the Board claiming the issue still exists. The neighbor believes the resident is running a business at this location.  The Board directed Lisa to follow-up with the Police Chief and review the documentation on file.

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BOS minutes
November 13, 2007

The Board discussed the zoning violation going on at 99 Dover Road.  The property owner has refused delivery of the certified notice of complaint.  Chairman Colbert and Chief Clarke will serve the compliant in hand, on site, tomorrow morning.

The Board discussed options to resume private rental use of the grange hall.  Points decided to date, the renter will be required to hire a custodian to be present during the event, the renter will be responsible for paying the custodian’s fee; the Board of Selectmen will set the custodial fee; the Board of Selectmen will solicit individuals to act as custodians for these occasions.  Due to the lateness of the hour, further discussion was tabled to a later meeting.

Mail and remaining correspondence was reviewed.

Accounts payable and payroll were signed.

The Board approved the minutes of November 6, 2007 as written.

Being no further business, the Chairman adjourned the meeting at 11:10PM.

Respectfully submitted,                                                 

Lisa Stevens                                                    

______________________    _______________________   _______________________  
David Colbert, Chairman        Richard DeBold                      Stephen MacCleery

                                                                APPROVED AS CORRECTED

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