Town of Chichester
54 Main Street, Chichester, NH 03258
Selectmen Minutes 04/25/2006
Chichester Board of Selectmen
April 25, 2006

Present:  Chairman MacCleery, Selectman Colbert, Selectman DeBold and Patty Wooster, Administrative Assistant.  Chairman MacCleery opened the meeting at 7:00PM.

SUBJECT: Emergency Management Director

HIGHLIGHTS:  The Emergency Management Director, Mr. John Martell had nothing to report.

SUBJECT: Fire Department

HIGHLIGHTS:  Fire Chief, Mike Paveglio reported that with the help of Richard (DeBold) and Patty (Wooster) he was able to obtain the registered plan for the Safety Building.  He said the plan has the lot lines on it and he will proceed to mark out the boundary lines. He said that he will be taking down the fence and will offer the fence to the neighbors.  Chief Paveglio stated that the members of the fire department have been turning the other cheek when it came to the neighbors; he said at times the neighbors would make gestures at the members and say unpleasant things to them.  Chief Paveglio said that he has had enough and wants to move with this project as soon as possible.  He advised the Board of Selectmen that he plans on putting the Safety Building sign 25 feet away from the property line and 30 feet from the center of the road. He said there will be no obstruction of view from either side.

Selectman DeBold stated that Chief Paveglio should try to have an on site meeting with the neighbors and he offered to schedule that meeting and Selectman DeBold will be at the meeting.

Chief Paveglio stated that he needs to get a permit to the owner of Sparks Fly the new store that will be selling fireworks. Selectman DeBold stated that he needs to go to the Town Attorney about this ordinance, he stated that he had liability concerns and wants the ok from the Town Attorney.  Chief Paveglio stated that the Town is still bound by law, but the Town has no recourse if people are lighting fireworks off late at night. Chief Paveglio stated that Chief Clarke and he will be spending a lot of time chasing people down and the Town should get the revenue for their time.

Chief Paveglio stated that he has spoken with the Town Attorney regarding the personnel issue and was told by him that Chief Paveglio did everything right, but was advised to keep a record of what happened and what was done.  Chief Paveglio stated that he would keep a record at his office.

SUBJECT: Police Department

HIGHLIGHTS:  Chief Patrick Clarke reviewed the ordinances he wrote.  The first one discussed was the Open Container Ordinance.  Selectman Colbert asked what the concern was and what brings this about.  Chief Clarke stated that the police department stops people all the time for open containers and they are fined and the money goes to the State.  He said if the Town had an ordinance the fine money would go to the Town.  Selectman DeBold stated that he believes the policy for the ordinances is to protect the rights of all.  Chairman MacCleery wanted the RSA’s to be checked.

With respect to the Pawnbrokers/Secondhand Dealers Ordinance; Selectman DeBold said that he was in favor of the ordinance however; he believes that “Secondhand Dealers” should be stricken because Chichester has a number of antique dealers and this ordinance would put an undue burden on them.  Chairman MacCleery asked Chief Clarke strike out “Secondhand Dealers” and ask the Town Attorney to take a look at the Ordinance. Chief Clarke stated that he would take out “Secondhand Dealers”.    Selectmen Colbert and DeBold fully support the “Pawnbroker Ordinance”.

Chairman MacCleery stated that he spoke with Mr. Steed and Mr. Steed stated that he did not know what he was going to do and that he is open to another meeting with Chief Clarke.

Chief Clarke stated that the stop sign on Mason Road was lying down and wanted to know who was responsible.  Road Agent, Mr. David Kenneally stated it was the State’s responsibility. Also, Chief Clarke asked the Board of Selectmen about the ownership of the “Booth” property on Hilliard Road. He said it appears that someone is living in the trailer.  He stated there were two sheds, two campers a van and a small ranger pick-up on the property.  He asked if the property should be posted.

Also, Chief Clarke reported that the Department of Justice will be releasing the money that was confiscated at a drug arrest last year.  Chief Clarke stated that the money needs to be in a separate account and it is to be used strictly for anti drug programs and enforcement.

SUBJECT: Highway Department

HIGHLIGHTS: Road Agent, Mr. David Kenneally stated that he did not get as many applications as he thought and that he was not too impressed with them.  He stated that there are two applicants that will work out at well.  Mr. Kenneally made two recommendations.  Selectman DeBold stated that the Board of Selectmen will be looking through the applications.  Chief Clarke suggested that the people you are going to interview bring in a driving record and criminal background check.

Mr. Kenneally told the Board of Selectmen that he has a pre-construction meeting with CLD Engineering Firm, FL Merrill and the utility companies at 9AM on Wednesday.

Mr. Kenneally advised the Board of Selectmen that he had faxed over the invoice from Grappone to Hillsboro Ford. He said the invoice clearly stated that 4 fuel injectors, a fuel pump and starter were replaced.  Also, the truck can run on any highway fuel. He stated that he is not in favor of paying Hillsboro Ford as they did not do anything to repair the truck.

Mr. Kenneally asked the Board of Selectmen for permission to hire an outside engineer to walk Connemara Drive in Malachy Glen Phase II.  Selectman Colbert stated he had driven on the road and saw some serious issues with the road.  Mr. Kenneally stated that he wanted someone to walk the roads with him before any loam was put down.  

Regarding a letter that was sent to a resident and a copy sent to the Planning Board from Vollmer Engineers and copied to the Board of Selectmen and the Road Agent; with respect to Burnham Brook Subdivision Preliminary Road Design, Mr. Kenneally stated that he had not seen the subdivision plans.  Chief Paveglio stated that anything that has to do with a road the Road Agent should be involved.  Selectman DeBold asked Mr. Kenneally if he would like to be on the Planning Board.  Mr. Kenneally stated that if that is what it takes, then he will consider it.

Selectman DeBold stated that the Highway Department should have a surveyor’s level and he showed the other members of the Board of Selectmen a picture of the surveyor’s level with the cost.  The cost is between $450.00 and $500.00.

Mr. Kenneally had some questions regarding the funding for the bridge on Webster Mills Road over Sanborn Brook.  

SUBJECT:  Mrs. Barbara Frangione

HIGHLIGHTS:  Mrs. Frangione stated that she had hurt feeling regarding the meeting between the Town Moderator, Mr. Doug Hall and the Board of Selectmen.  She stated that she would take full responsibility for names not being on the checklist. She stated that no one was denied their right to vote.  She stated that the lap top was running on the battery and there was no signal when the battery was dying out.  She stated that her daughter has put an alarm on the laptop to warn her when the battery is getting low.

Selectman Colbert stated that Mr. Hall did not come to the Board to upset anyone on the Supervisors of the Checklist.  He had a few concerns and wanted to make sure that everyone was comfortable.  He also stated that Mr. Hall was concerned about the Supervisors of the Checklist keeping two sets of records upstairs on voting day, which in Mr. Hall’s opinion one set of records should be kept downstairs.

Mrs. Frangione stated that soon the Supervisors of the Checklist will be converting to a State Computer Program, E-Harbor.   She stated that she will still need to keep a paper record, because names could still be left off the computer and the Supervisors of the Checklist will use the registration cards to confirm that people are registered.

Mrs. Frangione stated that she and Mrs. Waters had just recently spent hours at the Secretary of State’s Office cleaning up the checklist.  

SUBJECT:  General Business

HIGHLIGHTS:  Selectman DeBold showed the other members of the Board the dam plan, regarding the breeching sequence; identifying the erosion plan; and where the debris will be placed.  He said the plan should be done next week.

Chairman MacCleery stated that he received a telephone call from Dr. Meehan, the Health Officer regarding the septic issue at the Hess station.  Dr. Meehan stated that the manager is aware of the issue and is taking care of it.

The bids for the grounds keeping were reviewed.  Selectman DeBold made a Motion to accept the low bid from BMC General Contractors for the Town of Chichester’s seasonal grounds keeping maintenance contract.  The bidders were:

v       BMC General Contractors:        $5,000.00
v       Mailhot Enterprises:            $5,100.00
v       Saint’s Lawn Care:              $5,180.00
v       Neva Dun Farm:          $7,000.00

Selectman Colbert seconded the Motion a vote was taken and all were in favor.

The Board of Selectmen reviewed the Future Management Plan for the Carpenter Memorial Center Properties.

Chairman MacCleery stated that he had attended the meeting between the Grange, Historical Society and Old Home Day Committee.  A few of the highlights are: the curtains will be left on the stage, that there is no pressure on the center curtain rod when the curtain is rolled up.  The cooler that was found behind the stage is going to the Historical Society.  Also discussed was the condition of the stage floor, Chairman MacCleery stated that he is not in favor of covering the stage floor with a “floating floor”.  Selectmen Colbert and DeBold are also not in favor of covering the stage floor at this time.

Discussed was the $200.00 deposit that was suggested for renters of the Grange Hall.  The Selectmen approved the new rental form which includes the $200.00 deposit.  Beginning May 1, 2006 a $200.00 deposit will be required.

Briefly discussed was the Road Advisory Committee and having them start holding meetings.

The Board signed payroll and accounts payable.  

Legal correspondence, mail and e-mail were reviewed.  

Minutes from April 18, 2006 were reviewed and approved

Being no further business, Chairman MacCleery adjourned the meeting at 11:15PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Patty Wooster
Administrative Assistant

Stephan MacCleery, Chairman

David Colbert, Selectman

Richard DeBold, Selectman