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October 19, 2004BOS
Chichester Board of Selectmen
October 19, 2004

Chairman Colbert opened the meeting at 7pm.

Present: Chairman Colbert, Selectman DeBold, Selectman MacCleery and Patty Wooster, Administrative Assistant.


Property located at 24 Horse Corner Road. Mobile home identified as Map 2 Lot 24 on the Town of Chichester tax map.  It has come to the attention of the Selectmen that someone is occupying the mobile home which is in direct violation of Zoning Ordinance Article III §3C-3-c.  Patty will be sending a letter to the owner, Ann Fournier telling her to remove the trailer by December 1, 2004 or a fine of $100.00 a day will be imposed.


Robert Morse’s well.  Mr. Morse is concerned about the water quality of his well.  Mr. Morse states that his water storage (for drinking) is never cold and that the water is stagnant.  He also stated that because of the salt he has had to replace his hot water heater and furnace.  The town is working to resolve this issue.  In the past the water has been tested and the results show that the water falls within the limits of the EPA.   Selectman DeBold will call AquaLab, Inc.  to find out why Mr.  Morse’s “raw water” was not tested.  Patty will be calling Aaron Water Systems to locate their test results.  


Budget Committee candidate.  The Board is going to be interviewing candidates on October 26, 2004.  Patty will put a questionnaire sheet together.


Robert and Kathleen Gagne Map 7 Lot 17-4 Land Use Change Tax.   Chairman Colbert met with Loren from Avitar  to discuss the Gagne’s requesting  the Board to go back to 2001 to impose the land use tax.  The Board has decided that the Board will not be collecting the $7,500.00.  Avitar is going to research to find the selling price of the property in 2001. The town can not recoup the taxes from 2001; however, the town can collect the penalty based on the selling price of the property in 2001.  It is the owner’s responsibility to know the current use guidelines.  Loren from Avitar will be researching the selling price of the property in 2001 and will send a letter to the owners explaining the outcome.


Hess Signage:  This issue is still under review.


Vialle- Site on Rt. 4.  The Board discussed in great length the property requirements that have been imposed by the Planning Board regarding the paving of the parking lot.  A vote was taken and Chairman Colbert and Selectman MacCleery agreed that both locations should be paved as shown on the design review and shown to the Planning Board on October 2, 2003.  Selectman DeBold voted in opposition believing the Vialle’s did what was required for the site, as represented on the signed plat as recorded with the Merrimack Registry of Deeds.  

Coverage for passengers in the town vehicles.  Patty called the insurance agent and discovered that no one is covered as a passenger in the town’s vehicles, unless that person is a town employee.


General correspondence was reviewed.

Being no further business, Chairman Colbert adjourned at 10:30PM.

Be advised there is no Board of Selectmen meeting on November 2, 2004

Respectfully submitted:

Patty Wooster
Administrative Assistant

David Colbert, Chairman

Richard DeBold

Stephen MacCleery

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