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November 30, 2004
Chichester Board of Selectmen
November 30, 2004

Chairman Colbert opened the meeting at 6:05pm.

Present: Chairman Colbert,  Selectman DeBold, Selectman MacCleery and Patty Wooster, Administrative Assistant.

SUBJECT:        Fire Chief Prickett

HIGHLIGHTS:  Fire Chief John Prickett gave his resignation to the Board of Selectmen effective January 1, 2005.  Chief Prickett stated his priorities had changed.  He has been promoted to the position of Director of the Emergency Department and Emergency Services of LRGHealthcare.   Chief Prickett would like the town to know that he is not leaving the fire department; he is only stepping down as Fire Chief.  The Board accepted Chief Prickett’s resignation.  We at the Town of Chichester wish Fire Chief Prickett all the best of luck.  We also, would like to thank him for his years of hard work and true dedication to the town.  Fire Chief Prickett, you will be sadly missed!  THANK YOU JOHN FOR A JOB WELL DONE!!!

In the interim, Chief Prickett highly recommends his first Deputy Chief, Mike Paveligo as the acting chief.  The Board has accepted Chief Prickett’s recommendation until a new chief can be appointed.

Chief Prickett spoke to the Board regarding the position of Fire Chief being a paid part-time or full-time position.  Chief Prickett stated that a great deal of time is required, he listed tasks that should be done, i.e. record-keeping, on-going fire prevention; department policy and procedure; personal training; station management; supplies, etc. The Selectmen will take this under consideration and will be discussed at a later time.  Chief Prickett submitted to the Selectmen guidelines for appointing a new Fire Chief.

HIGHLIGHTS:  Mr. Bob Cavacco, the owner of Hillcrest Campground came to the Board to voice his displeasure with the Road Agent.  Mr. Cavacco stated that the pond was dropped three (3) feet and he suspected that the Road Agent, David Kenneally drained the pond.  The Selectmen are going to further investigate.

HIGHLIGHTS:  Mrs. Priscilla Bernard spoke to the Board regarding the trailer that Mr. Robinson has parked on his property.  The Board explained to Mrs. Bernard that Mr. Robinson has not violated any zoning ordinances.   With respect to the line of sight, research was done by the Board and it was discovered that there is no evidence of a line of sight easement. The trailer can stay where it is. Patty will send a letter to Mrs. Bernard reiterating the Board’s decision.

SUBJECT: The Budget Committee

HIGHLIGHTS:  The Budget Committee met with the Board of the Selectmen and the Department Heads of the following departments to discuss next year’s Departmental Budgets:

¨       Town Clerk/Tax Collector
¨       Building Inspector
¨       Historical Society
¨       Library Committee
¨       Cemetery Committee
¨       Rescue Squad
¨       Fire Department


General correspondence was reviewed.

Checks were signed

Being no further business, Chairman Colbert adjourned at 11:350PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Patty Wooster

Chairman Colbert

Richard DeBold

Stephen MacCleery


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