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Selectmen's Minutes October 28, 2003
Chichester Board of Selectmen
Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes

Present: Chairman Colbert, Selectman DeBold, Selectman Arey and Administrative Assistant Lisa Stevens

Chairman Colbert opened the meeting at 6:03 pm.

SUBJECT: Department Heads
PRESENT: Road Agent David Kenneally, Police Chief Patrick Clarke, Deputy Fire Chief Mike Paveglio and Building Inspector Dave Paveglio  

Hyw – Dave is still arranging trucks for plowing.  Work on Hutchinson Road is complete for this year.  

PD – The stop sign on Higgins Road needs replacing.  Pat asked Dave to take care of it.  
The trees located at the safety building still need to come down.  Mr. Kenneally has arranged for there removal.  It should take place within the next two weeks.  

FD – The pad needs to be installed prior to the installation of the generator.  The furnace needed to be repaired this week.  Chief Paveglio suggested the road agent and the fire department review the plowing specifications around the water holes in town.  
The department had hoped to receive a grant for the booster pump needed for the cascade system in the Used Heavy Rescue Vehicle.  They did not receive the grant money and are asking the Board of Selectmen for support in purchasing this pump along with a portable intercom system to be used while riding in the truck.  Both expenses are within the money allotted in the warrant article approved at town meeting.  The Board will take it under advisement and get back to the fire department with their decision.  Chief Prickett will be submitting the 2004 proposed budget by the end of the week.  They were due this evening; however the Chief is tied up teaching an EMT class tonight.  

BI – Dave shared with the Board copies of building permit forms filled out by his department and the fire department and road agent where applicable.  It is practice not to issue an occupancy permit unless those departments have signed off when necessary to do so.  Mr. Paveglio informed the Board he has recently denied a building permit for Mr. Mullaney on Map 4 Lot 168A.  Mr. Paveglio requested he receive copies of minutes from the planning board and the board of adjustment on a regular basis. The Board agreed it was a great idea and told Dave he could contact the respective secretaries and let them know.  Dave asked Lisa if she had copies of the recent decisions made by the Board of Adjustment at their October meeting.  Lisa will get Dave copies.
The Selectmen asked the group for feedback about the recently revised employee policies.  To date they had only received comments from one employee.  The Board has worked diligently to come up will a comprehensive document that is fair and equitable to all town employees.  Patrick stated he was concerned with the compensation for health benefits.  The employees have just been notified of an increase of 13.2% for next year.  His personal opinion is that the town seriously considered paying 100% of the cost.  He believes it prudent for the town to retain their qualified, trained employees rather than paying out more expense to keep recruiting and training new ones.  The Board thanked him for his comments and tabled voting on the final draft of the employee policies until next week, in the event further feedback was received.  

SUBJECT: Well Water Update   
PRESENT: Mr. & Mrs. Robert Morse

Mr. & Mrs. Morse asked the Board to bring them up to date on the situation.  Selectman Arey informed the Morse’s that the water testing has been completed except for the well at Carpenter Park.  That well was struck by lightening in August and needs to have repair work done before testing can take place.  The Board is exploring the option of a community well perhaps at the Carpenter Park site. Prior research by a hydrologist has been reviewed and Selectman Arey has been in contact with a gentleman from Concord to go over all this data.  It was unfortunate that when the replacement well was dug, it was not located within the area recommended in the report.  It is still the intention of the Board to work out an equitable solution for all the properties affected. Mr. Morse volunteered the option of the town to purchase his property for the new value recently placed due to the revaluation.  In further reviewing their new assessment card the Morse’s questioned why the depreciation for the contaminated well had been removed.  Perhaps it was an oversight during the revaluation conversion.  Lisa explained the abatement process to them and pointed out issues to be raised on the application.    The Morse’s asked to be kept informed of future developments.  

SUBJECT: 39 Mason Road
PRESENT: Mr. Tony Merullo

Mr.Merullo has recently purchased what he thought was a grandfather lot.  He stated his prior conversation with the building inspector had led him to believe it was grandfathered and therefore not subject to the Growth Management Ordinance.  After review and discussion with the Planning Board, the Selectmen told Mr. Merullo it is not a grandfathered lot because under the ordinance the lot must have been acted upon within one year to be qualified as a buildable lot.  Since no improvements have been made to the lot such as any site work (well, septic, driveway) the lot is not considered grandfathered.  The Board informed Mr. Merullo they were in receipt of his attorney’s letter and would be responding to him with their findings.  The Selectmen will also be speaking to the building inspector for his input.  The Board recommended Mr. Merullo call the building inspector and get on the permit list for next year.  

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Selectmen Arey once again asked the other Board members to consider fencing off the lower parking lot entrance at the library.  Too many vehicles mostly large trucks are using it for a turn around.  He is concerned for the safety of the patrons, especially the children exiting the library.  Motion Selectman Arey and seconded by Chairman Colbert to fence off the lower parking lot entrance.  All were in favor.  

Lisa informed the Board of the Historical Society’s agreement to take over managing the Community Building.  Mrs. Hammen will oversee the scheduling and be the contact person for the society.  This change will take place in January.  The Board reviewed quotes for the new furnace at the community building and would leave the decision on which to go with to the Historical Society.  They recommended trying to stay with a Forced Hot Air system and to keep the cost between $3,000-$4,000.  Lisa will inform Mrs. Hammen.   

The Board set the schedule for the upcoming budget meetings and the public hearing for the proposed upgrading of Lovers Lane.

The Board asked Lisa to put the voting of employee policies on the agenda for next week.

Selectman DeBold will be meeting with Nancy St. Laurent the town’s field representative from the Office of Emergency Management to work on the updating of the State Needs Assessment Report.  

Selectman DeBold has been in contact with Property Liabilities Insurance Trust and is working on the claim for the well.  Some updating of town property needs to be done now that the new values are in.  The Pavilion, dug out and snack shack need to be included as well.  

A reminder that the Chichester Youth Association has committed to a donation of $1,000.00 for the upgrade of the irrigation system at the park.  Due to the recent condition of the well, work can not proceed with the irrigation system until the well is fixed.  Motion Selectman Arey and seconded by Selectman DeBold to pay the Taskers Well invoice from the warrant article to allow the work to continue. All were in favor.  

Lisa updated the Board on the financial situation and reviewed the entire software system.  After working with the new software and getting a better representation on the time involved in maintaining this level of accounting, Lisa feels it would be advantageous to switch to bi-weekly payment of accounts payable and payroll.  Motion Chairman Colbert and seconded by Selectman DeBold to switch to bi-weekly processing of payrolls and accounts payable January 1, 2004.  All were in favor.  Lisa asked the Board to consider dedicating an employees time to this job function exclusively.  They will take it under advisement.

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Due to the minimal interest and weekly cost to the town, the Board has decided to stop offering the direct deposit option to their employees.  Motion Selectman Arey and seconded by Chairman Colbert to stop direct deposit effective January 1, 2004. All were in favor.  Lisa will notify the employees.  

The minutes of October 21, 2003 were approved as written.

Payroll and bills were signed.  Mail and e-mail was reviewed.

The Fire Department has brought a safety concern on 224 Horse Corner Road to the Board’s attention.  Selectman Arey has reviewed the file and asked the other two members to review it during the week and bring it up for discussion next week.

Being no further business, the  meeting was adjourned at 9:40pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Lisa Stevens
Administrative Assistant

Chairman David Colbert

Richard DeBold

Harold Arey

                                                                Approved As Corrected

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