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Selectmen's Minutes November 18, 2003
Chichester Board of Selectmen

Present: Chairman Colbert, Selectman DeBold, Selectman Arey and Administrative Assistant Lisa Stevens

SUBJECT: Webster Mills Bridge   
PRESENT: Road Agent David Kenneally  

David was interested in the status of this bridge project.  The Board has notified the State of Chichester’s commitment of funds and will continue to fund the Capital Reserve Fund for this purpose.  Mr. Kenneally asked whether the State designs the bridge or if Chichester needs to hire an engineer.  Mr. Kenneally will contact the State and inquire what the procedure is.  

Procedure for acceptance of Kara Drive was discussed.  David would like to know if there were any conditions or what the intent was during the subdivision process.  He has reviewed the road but would like to review the subdivision plans.  In the past the Selectmen have approved subdivision roads after holding a public hearing. The Selectmen have the authority to accept Class V roads as town maintained roads. It has been procedure that once the homeowner petitions the town to take the road over, the town does.  

SUBJECT: Employee Health Insurance    
PRESENT: Evelyn Pike, Patrick Clarke and Robert Kitson  

Due to a 13.2% increase in insurance rates this year, the Board asked Lisa to shop around for rates and packages.  Lisa and the eligible employees met with insurance representatives and discussed options.  After reviewing all options and prices ,Lisa made her recommendation to the Board to stay with the current provider Healthtrust.   

The employees were present to ask the Board for consideration of increasing the employer portion of the health insurance costs.  The employees have been involved in the meetings regarding the revision of the employee policies.  They have shared their thoughts and concerns.  All agreed that Chichester must be competitive and the cost overall will be much less than if Chichester remains a stepping stone to other higher paying communities. The Selectmen realize the importance of retaining good employees  and agreed to consider the employees’ proposals, while keeping in line with surrounding towns, looking at all benefits as a total package.  Much discussion centered around treating all eligible employees the same and the steps necessary to move forward and amend the outdated warrant article to accurately reflect the health insurance benefit.


Motion Selectman Arey and seconded by Selectman DeBold to pay 100% of a single policy and 90% for a two person or family policy for health insurance (through the town’s provider) for full time employees.  All were in favor.

Motion Selectman DeBold and seconded by Chairman Colbert to pay 80% of a single policy and 70% of a two person or family policy for health insurance (through the town’s provider) for regular part time employees.  In keeping with the town’s intent from the 1990 Town Meeting, the Town Clerk/Tax Collector and the Road Agent will be considered eligible for health insurance provided they meet the same eligibility requirements as any full time or regular part time employee as set forth in the employee policies.  All were in favor.

The Board revised the vacation benefit and approved all other recommendations from the town attorney for a final revision to the employee policies.  Lisa will have it ready for approval at next weeks meeting.

The Board received correspondence from the Planning Board in regards to the signage  violation on Route 4.  Lisa will prepare a cover letter and forward to the Hess Station and forward a copy of the Planning Board letter to Mr. Hall.  

The Board received a zoning violation complaint for a dog grooming business on Lane Road. Lisa will notify the owner and ask them to comply with the conditions of the Home Occupation approval on this property.

Mail and e-mail was reviewed.  Bills and payroll were signed.

The minutes of November 11, 2003 were approved as written.

The Board received a request for a waiver of interest on a Land Use Change Tax Penalty.
Motion Selectman Arey and seconded by Chairman Colbert to abate the interest of $205.05 on the Land Use /change Tax Penalty.  All were in favor.  

Upcoming meeting schedules were reviewed.  

Being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 10:00pm.

Page two of three, November 18, 2003

Respectfully submitted,

Lisa Stevens
Administrative Assistant

Chairman David Colbert
Not Yet Approved
Richard DeBold

Harold Arey  

Page three of three, November 18, 2003

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