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Selectmen's Minutes September 03, 2002
September 03, 2002

PRESENT:  Theodore Bailey, David Colbert, Richard DeBold, and Heather Briggs


The minutes of August 27, 2002 were approved as written, signed and will be posted to our web page.


Chairman Theodore Bailey called the Selectmens Board Meeting to order at 7:00 PM.
Subject:  Highway Department

Present: Road Agent, Mr. Jeffrey Jordan

Mr. Jordan gave the Board the Maintenance Plan for the following week.

Mr. Jordan reported that the one-ton is gone from the Town Shed.

Mr. Jordan told the Board that the plan for maintaining the 31-acre town owned property was a good idea but let the Board know that the guard dog will bark often until the dog becomes familiar with the area.  Selectman DeBold looked over the proposal and re-read that statement as well.  As there are few abutters to that piece of property, the Board does not feel that this will be an issue.

Mr. Jordan also stated that Ms. Patterson and Mr. Benjamin, that own the sheep, are good people.

Subject: Douglas Hall

Mr. Hall let the Board know that he appreciates that Board going forward with the unknown property information search.  Mr. Hall showed the Board a 1913 survey of his property.

Mr. Hall also said that he went to the Registry of Deeds, yet found nothing.

Subject: Paul Adams

Mr. Adams came in to let the Board know that he took personal issue with the wording concerning his letter regarding the Impact Fee Schedule from the August Minutes.

Mr. Adams inquired about Mr. Depalmas proposed new building.

Subject:  Board Discussion

Judy discussed the Fire Department and their invoicing.  Judy recommended having the Fire Department not use the town accounts.  That they should have their own.  The Board voted on this and agreed unanimously.  A letter will be drafted to let the Fire Department know.

The Board inquired if Attorney Goldman had responded in writing for clarity regarding abatements.  Judy confirmed that Attorney Goldman is still working on it.

Judy asked Heather to bring the Year to Date General Ledger report, 2002 Warrant Minutes, Town Report, her hands free phone and the appreciation dinner folder.

The Board discussed the Fire Departments Heavy Rescue Truck and unanimously voted to have the Fire Department fix the currently owned truck.  The Board unanimously agreed that a warrant article for the March Town Meeting would be the more appropriate place for voting to purchase a new Heavy Rescue Vehicle.

The Board discussed and unanimously voted to allow the Kelly Corner Farm proposal for maintenance of the 31-acre town owned fields.  The Board also agreed that the Town Hall could be a water source if needed for the sheep.  Heather will draft a letter to Ms. Patterson and Mr. Benjamin.

There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM.

Theodore Bailey, Chairman

David Colbert, Selectman

Richard DeBold, Selectman

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