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Selectmen Minutes August 20, 2002
August 20, 2002

PRESENT:  Theodore Bailey, David Colbert, Richard DeBold, Heather Briggs, and Judy Kenneally via telephone


The minutes of August 13, 2002 were approved as written, signed and will be posted to our web page.


Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM by Chairman Ted Bailey.

Subject:   Highway Department

Present:  Jeffrey Jordan, Road Agent

Selectman Colbert and Mr. Jordan discussed the budget of the Highway Department.  Mr. Jordan feels that he will have no problem working within the budget.

Selectman Colbert asked that when changes are made to the payroll that the Board be apprised of this before the pay changes.

Selectman DeBold and Selectman Colbert thanked the Highway Department for the great job done at the park and for the clearing up of the Highway Department area and spaces for parking.

Mr. Jordan told the Board that the one tone truck would be gone from the Highway Department shed area within two weeks.

Selectman Colbert preferred to a letter that came into the Selectmens Office the previous week regarding a maple tree that should be taken care of.  The Board also mentioned the pine on Ferrin Road and the maple on Staniels Road.  Mr. Jordan said that the Highway Department works with the Electric Company for that and are currently in process of getting this done.

Subject:   Police Department

Present: Chief Patrick Clarke

Chief Clarke brought to the Boards attention that Hess will not be operational for fueling on Thursday.  Therefore they would have to drive to Main Street Concord to use their card.  Chief Clarke and the Board agreed this was too far.

Chief Clarke also brought in an application from Peterborough Oil.  The Board agreed this would be a good idea.  The Board stated that Chief Clarke would need to fill out this application and also to give one to Fire Chief Prickett for the Fire Station.

Chief Clarke discussed Mr. Robinsons complaint of the Town not using his wrecker service.  Chief Clarke will coordinate with Judy to draft a letter to Mr. Robinson.  

Selectman Colbert mentioned the letter regarding Officer Kitsons professional and helpful service.

Subject:  Building Inspector

Present: Mr. David Paveglio

Mr. Paveglio discussed with the Board Mr. Adams letter of complaint regarding the Impact Fees.  Mr. Paveglio reviewed each one and believes that he has no need to collect more impact fees.  

The Board would like a written intent for the IFO from the Planning Board.  Judy will draft letter.  

Mr. Paveglio stated that after written intent comes back from the Planning Board that changes could be made on the Building Permit form.

Subject:  Mr. & Mrs. Gary Depalma

Mr. Depalma would like an abatement on his taxes for only the business sprinkler system.  The Board would like a written legal opinion from Attorney Goldman regarding this.

Subject:  Board Discussion

Judy requested that people speaking to sit near the telephone for her better ability to hear.

Judy discussed the Fire Department invoices.  The Board would like the Fire Chief to attend the next Board Meeting to discuss the Selectmens Office to handle payroll and payables.  Judy will draft letter.

There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 9:15 PM.

Theodore Bailey, Chairman

David Colbert, Selectman

Richard DeBold, Selectman

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