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PRESENT:  Jeffrey Jordan, Theodore Bailey, Judy Kenneally


The minutes of 9/18/01 were accepted as written, signed and posted to our web page.


SUBJECT:  Road Agent assistant, A J May

The shed roof at the highway garage is in bad shape.  Tepper will shingle it for $3,000 when they build the new garage.  The Board agreed to do the project and spend the money from General Government Buildings.

Selectman Bailey and A J met with Mr. & Mrs. Atkinson to discuss the stonewall.  They agreed to move the wall and A J will oversee the project.

SUBJECT:  Police Chief, Ann Emerson

Wayne Preve doesn’t have as much time as anticipated to devote to the part-time position in Chichester.  

SUBJECT:  Building Inspector, Dave Paveglio

Discussed the deck that collapsed in the Woodland Crossing subdivision.  Dave does three inspections.  The foundation, a rough inspection for plumbing & electrical, and then a final inspection.  If the deck is constructed after that,  it will not be inspected.  The only code violation in this case may have been the way the deck was attached to the house.  Dave is surmising that the timber twisted when it dried and worked its way off the concrete.  He will pay closer attention to decks.

SUBJECT:  Recreation chairman, Richard Debold

Richard asked about allowing the use of Carpenter Park to non-residents.  The Board agreed to allow it this time, but asked Richard to check further to see what other towns do.  The Board was concerned that Chichester residents would not have the availability of the park.  It was also requested that the recreation commission discuss the policy.

Discussed the bill for erecting the pavilion.  The Board agreed to allow the invoice of $3400 to be paid from the Recreation Capital Reserve Fund.  The balance of the warrant article money will be available for a plaque and stone and some landscaping.

Parking on Carpenter Road is a problem again.  Would eventually like to put a gate up and signs.

Do we want to include recreation in our impact fees?  Richard will check with CNHRPC to see what the amount might be.

The commission is working on rules and regulations for the park.
Mr. MacCleery is still concerned with the water that drains onto his property from the ball fields.  Richard will check into it.

SUBJECT:  Board discussion

We’ll have to budget money in 2002 to mow the Shaw field.

The Board will review the sample ordinance for numbering submitted by the fire chief.

The tax rate setting meeting is Friday the 28th.  

Barbara Frangione found a globe at Seconds To Go for the Grange Hall light.

We received a packet from Police Standards and Training with information for hiring a full-time police chief.

The Board reviewed the new cemetery rates.

The old fire vehicle is being repaired.  Selectman Bailey told them that the Board requested that it be in good running condition if it is to be used on the road.

The Board agreed that the decision to allow Earl Weir to improve Hilliard Road stands as previously agreed.

Respectfully submitted,

Jeffrey Jordan, chairman

Theodore Bailey

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