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Selectmen Minutes 01022018
      Chichester Board of Selectmen
Minutes of Meeting
 Tuesday January 2, 2018

Members Present: Jeff Jordan Tom Jameson, Ed Millette, Jodi Pinard Town Administrator and Kristy Barnouski Administrative Assistant

Attendees: Chief Clarke, Chief Quimby, John Martel, Jim Plunkett, Matt Cole,  Chuck Reese, Chad Roberge, Donna Chagnon, Lucille Noel, and other members of the public.

Call to Order Mr. Jordan called the meeting to order at 6:30pm

Department Heads

Emergency Management-
Mr. Martel had nothing to report.

Ms. Noel stated that the new director, Jacqueline Heath is settling in nicely.  She is working on planning programs as well as assessing the computers system at the Library.  The trustees will be meeting with Ms. Heath to go over some goals for the Library.  

Police Department-
Chief Clarke stated that he had been doing many elderly checks due to the extreme cold temperatures for long periods of time.  

Fire Department-
Chief Quimby stated that the bay door needed to be replaced.  He obtained two quotes.

Mr. Jordan made a motion and Mr. Jameson seconded to authorize the installation of a new bay door in the amount of $1866.00 from Central Garage Door out of the Town Facilities Capital Reserves Fund. Motion passes.

Chief Quimby reported that there were 504 Calls in 2017 and 64% of those calls were daytime calls.

The Fire Department will be hosting a Red Cross Blood Drive February 2, 2018 from 12:00-5:00pm.  

Building Inspector-
Mr. Cole stated that he has completed school.  
Mr. Cole reported the end of year numbers for 2017 with a total of 139 permits down from 160.  Mr. Cole stated that permits were down mainly in residential.  

Mr. Plunkett stated that the Christmas storm left lots of ice on the roads.  He is hoping to scrape Town parking lots and asked to put a notice on website regarding the snow, ice and plowing.

Mr. Plunket wanted to discuss space needs with the Selectmen.  He stated that he has more pieces of machinery that he can house indoors which do not start if left outside.  The crew has been struggling with getting the machinery up and running.

Mr. Plunkett stated that the fuel price for diesel is currently 280.00.  

The new Highway truck should be delivered by the end of July.

DRA & Avitar-
Chuck Reese of DRA and Chad Roberge of Avitar came to speak to the Board about the Revaluation taking place currently.  They explained that Chichester is up for a full measure and list which needs to be down every 5 years.   They are currently out doing the full data collection process.  They noted that if residents are not home they will receive a letter if they wish to make an appointment.  

Mr. Reese stated the DRA monitors the revaluation process, visits properties and attends the hearings if there are any disputes.  

Zoning Violations Update-

Map 3 Lot 36 – Discussion of Zoning Violation
Mrs. Pinard informed the Board, the Town Attorney is handling this matter and Communication has been sent to the opposing council. No correspondence has been received.  
Map 3 Lot 39 – Discussion of Zoning Violation
Mrs. Pinard informed the Board that Mr. O’Donnell continues to remove and register cars on the property. As of this morning 4 more cars have been removed from the property. The property is down to 28 unregistered cars.

Other Business-

Ms. Noel wanted to bring to the attention of the Board that there is some detached fascia near the gutter on the Library.  She was advised to get quotes from contractors for the job.

Food Pantry Donations-
A motion was made by Mr. Jordan and seconded by Mr. Millette pursuant to RSA 31:19, the Board of Selectmen shall accept and authorize the expenditure of unanticipated funds in the amount of:
Lakeside Trading, LLC $100.00 &
Richard & Dorothy Mackin, $200.00 in support of the Food Pantry.  
It shall be the responsibility of the Town of Chichester to maintain accurate record of all funds, detailing their expenditures, and that such records shall be made available upon request.  Motion passes.

  Non-Public Session: RSA 91-A: 3 (a) The dismissal, promotion or compensation of any public employee
Consideration or negotiation of pending claims or litigation which has been threatened in writing or filed against the public body

A motion was made by Mr. Jordan and seconded by Mr. Jameson to enter into non-public session under RSA 91-A: 3 II (c). Jordan Aye, Jameson Aye, Millette Aye. Motion Passes.

A motion was made by Mr. Jordan and seconded by Mr. Jameson to exit non-public session Jordan Aye, Jameson Aye, Millette Aye. Motion Passes

A motion was made by Mr. Jordan and seconded by Mr. Jameson to seal the non-public meeting minutes indefinitely. Jordan Aye, Jameson Aye, Millette Aye. Motion Passes.

Being no further discussion, a motion was made by Mr. Millette made a motion and Mr. Jameson seconded to adjourn the meeting at 7:16pm. Motion passes.

Respectfully submitted,
                                                                        Not approved until signed
Kristy Barnouski, Administrative Assistant

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