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Selectmen Minutes 05/23/2017
Chichester Board of Selectmen
Minutes of Meeting
Tuesday May 23, 2017

Members Present: Jeff Jordan, Tom Jameson, Ed Millette, Jodi Pinard Town Administrator, Kristy Barnouski Administrative Assistant.

Others Present: Chief Clarke, Chief Quimby, Mr. Plunkett, Mr. Martell, Bob Mann and other members of the public.

Call to Order Mr. Jordan called the meeting to order at 6:30pm

Department Heads

Fire Department
Chief Quimby stated that a resident donated a craftsman leaf blower to the Chichester Fire Department
Mr. Millette made a motion and Mr. Jameson seconded to accept the donation of the Craftsman leaf blower to the Chichester Fire Department donated by a resident.  Motion passes.

Mr. Searles has been working with other departments to receive a grant available for and barricade and supplies suck as cones for roadside accidents.  Mr. Martell will be working on filling out the grant application.  

The Annual pump tests have been done and all of which passed.

Mr. Plunkett stated that the salt shed is moving along and they are bringing in beams for the roof.  The overhead door on the shed let go on Monday morning and will be fixed next week.  

The grader should be in by the end of June.  
Parking lot for library, working it into schedule. Dry well to help water overflow.  

Mr. Plunkett stated that the Fire Department wanted to burn the roof of the old snack shack for training

Check from JSJ for $3,600.00 for the old truck.

Busby is delayed due to all the rain.

Joel still has not made it to the

June 17th open house 9-12 unvailing of paining and plaque and refreshments, book sale.
Toddler time and preschool reading stops next week. Summer reading starts first week of July.
Dry well will be done soon, meetinghouse will not be paved.
Little book houses are up and running.
Library trustees meet on Monday open to public at. 4:00pm

Parks and Recreation-
Put out bid to build Amp Theater, expand playground, trail, and currently have 15K of grant balance to go for contract. Also have money we could request the money from the capital reserve as well.
Would like to do portion of the trail repair.  Area behind dugout washes out and complaints have been made.  Looking to withdraw 8k for the remaining balance.
Mr. Jameson made a motion and Mr. Millette seconded to expend up to $8,000.00 to use for match of the land and conservation grant fund from the Capital Reserve Fund. Motion passes.

Police Department-
Chief Clarke stated that he has been trying to fund the new Tasers needed.

Medical Supplies were used on scene such as the ACS gauze at the bad accident on Rt. 28 and needs to be replaced in cruisers.  Tunicates are also needed for use to carry in a pouch that fits inside the bullet proof vests.    
The cost will be $350.00for the gauze and $438.00 for the tunicates with a total of $975.99.
Mr. Jordan made a motion and Mr. Millette seconded to expend up to $975.99 out of the Police Equipment Capital Reserve Fund to purchase tunicates and ACS gauze.  Motion passes.

Mr. Jordan stated to Chief Clarke that he had received many compliments of how great the department was doing and he congratulated him on a job well done.  Mr. Millette also stated that being on the Fire Department he hears of all the incidents in Town and he was told that the responding Officers did a remarkable job and most likely saved the victims life.  

Public Hearing-Barn Easement
Robert Mann applied for a barn easement.  All three Selectmen visited the barn to view it.  Mr. Jordan stated that he had the pleasure of visiting the barn and he was impressed with the structure and how well done the application was.
Mr. Jordan led the Board through the Barn Easement application.

Mr. Jordan made a motion and Mr. Jameson seconded the approval of the Chichester, NH Discretionary preservation easements for historic agricultural structures. Motion passes.

Public Hearing- Revision of Fee Schedule
Changes made legal notices to 95
Reinsertion fee at 3rd visit 50 and 100
Checklist to 25 down from 35
Sent out to 3rd party engineer
Mr. Millette mad a motion and Mr. Jordan seconded to accept the proposed fee schedule.  Motion passes.

Other business
Ms Noel sent a letter to DOT requesting to put the  wooden signs on main st to maintain its rural character.  

Flags on utility poles
3x5 flag that hangs on Utility poles on Main Street.

Mrs. Pinard asked that the Selectmen support 3x5 flags being put up  by the Heritage Commission , the  Police Department and  the Selectmen’s office. Mrs. Pianrd has been in touch with Unitil to obtain permission.   Ms. Noel stated she received a quote from flag works for 24.90 per flag.   The Heritage Commission and the Police Department will cover the cost.  

The Board of Selectmen supports putting flags on every other flag pole on Main Street from Route 4 to Route 28

Building Inspector Agreement
Mr. Jameson made a motion and Mr. Jordan seconded to sign a contract for Bill Lake of Loudon to cover for Mr Cole
during his vacation.

Old Home Day donation for 100 from the police association.  

734.00  from Olld home day committee  

Historical Society place a sign similar of Thunder Bridge located at Morall cemetery located on Staniels Road.   

Meetings 11th and 18th  

Being no further discussion, a motion was made by Mr. Jordan and seconded by Mr. Jameson to adjourn the meeting at8080pm. Motion passes.

Respectfully submitted,
                                                                        Not approved until signed
Kristy Barnouski, Administrative Assistant

Jeffrey Jordan                                                                Tom Jameson                                              Ed Millette                                           

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