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Historical Society Field Trip
Sanborn Mills - Loudon, The Chichester Historical Society sponsored a "field trip" to the Sanborn Mills in Loudon, NH. Our host was Colin Cabot, owner, who very graciously gave us a detailed tour of the ages old farm and mill site that he is restoring.

 this photo, Colin is giving attendees a brief history of the farm and directions for cautions on the tour.

The water gates were opened spilling water onto the fins of the turbine located at the bottom of the mill. Belt pulleys transferred the energy to the saw blade at approximately 65 horsepower to saw a pine log into rough sawn lumber.

To see the saw blade turning with such power was truly impressive and so was the 17th century equipment devised to control this power.

A pond, as large as 100 acres, is contained by a stone dam to store water energy to be released to power the saw mill and a grist mill. (It was in the grist mill where we learned what the phrase "keep your nose to the grindstone" meant)

In the workshop, Colin works to restore more of the mill to originality. His next project is producing a replica of the up and down saw mill that predated the circular saw equipment now being used.

There is not enough space here to show all the aspects of this farm which had been in the same family for generations nor do the pictures do justice to the serenity and nostalgia of the setting.

Everyone attending was grateful to Colin Cabot for sharing his private window to the past.

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