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Center School – Sanborn remembers attending this one room school with 30 other students grades 1 through 8 starting in 1926. School began at 9AM with a recess at 10:30, lunch from 12:00 to 1:00PM, another recess at 2:30 and dismissal at 3:30 probably due to the fact that it was getting dark and there was no artificial lighting in the building.

The front door opened into an entry hall where coats and wraps could be hung up. Walt’s brother-in-law, Frank, remembers that one time some rascal stole all the coats and he had to walk home in the cold – another crime for CSI. On the opposite wall of this vestibule away from the front door were two other doors, one leading to the pail and dipper for water and the other to the main classroom. Little desks were in the front row for wee ones and larger desks lined the back row. A pot belly stove surrounded by protective sheet metal railing heated the school in cold times and was started before school by one of the eighth grade students. remembers recess vividly especially the long slides in winter that started at the Steven’s residence near the Towle-Mason road entrance off Horse Corner Road (see photo) all the way down Horse Corner across Route 4 and ending at the Methodist church. This was often a non-stop run since there was very little traffic. He does not seem to remember, though, whether he got into trouble at school but does remember a length of rubber hose at the teacher’s disposal.

Pineground School – Hammen attended this school for grades 1 through 3 starting in 1946 and, as most students, had to walk to school since the town had seven schools spread out over the town. Because the schools were small, they could be closed due to low enrollments and students would be transported to another.

Ruth lived through the first “hot lunch” program cooked at home, brought to school and served by Gladys Tingloff. Later, when the new Central School was built it included the district’s first kitchen with Gladys as its first cook.

Subjects taught included reading, writing (penmanship), arithmetic, spelling, geography and music; “Tag” and “London Bridge” were popular recess activities. Unlike today, Valentine’s Day was a big event in school. A big card box was colorfully decorated and filled with cards. Such fun, but Ruth also remembers a ruler that was used to slap the hands of unruly students and a chair in the corner for evil doers.

On graduation day in 1954, all 12 students participated in the ceremony held at the Grange Hall.

Wasn’t life simpler then!

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