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Heritage Commission Minutes 08/18/2016

Present: Lucille Noel, Dawn Marshall, Ann Davis, Kate Rafferty HallExcused:  Richard DeBold, Michelle Plunkett,   Joyce Lemay

Report from the Treasurer:  The report was voted and accepted as presented.   2016 Budget current balance is $362.   The current balance in the non-lapsing budget is $2,285.39.

Recap of Steve Taylor’s program. Commented on an excellent turn out for the program.

Kate will contact John Porter to request that he provide his presentation “The History of Agriculture as Told by Barns” on the third Thursday in October.  The amount shall not exceed $150.00   The Heritage Commission will likely co-sponsor this presentation with the Agricultural Commission.

We discussed the advantages of narrowing the scope of the Webster Mills area project to just include the old shoe shop at this point in time.

We discussed possible purchase of wooden Welcome signs for Historic Main Street.  We will discuss this further at the Sept. meeting.  Lucille will talk with Mr. Leonard regarding the most appropriate size for the signs.

At the next Selectman’s meeting, Lucille will ask whether the town would give permission for the Heritage Commission to put up Welcome to historic Main Street signs at either end of Main Street.

At the next Selectman’s meeting, Lucille will also ask whether the town has plans to paint the front door and railings of the Grange Hall.   If not, Lucille will offer that if the Town purchases the paint, the Heritage Commission would consider doing the painting.   Dawn will look into the best, most long lasting paint.

Lucille mentioned that we will discuss in September the need to clean out weeds and briars around the Canterbury Road maple trees.

Saturday, August 20th is Old Home Day. Lucille requested that it would be helpful if Commission members could come to the Heritage display during the day to “man” the booth.

Linda Fisher of Bear Hill Road would like 2 or 3 maple trees.   Lucille suggested that Dawn tell Linda to contact Bob McAnney directly about this.

Lucille requested that Commission members make a list of towns in which they see flag holders on utility poles.  Lucille suggested that this would be an effective way to identify the Historic Main Street area.  She has noted such use in Gilmanton, Barrington, New Market and Alton.

The Charrette Meeting is Monday, Aug 22.

There will be a Farmers’ Market on August 27th

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