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Heritage Commission Minutes 11/21/2013
November 21, 2013

Members Present: Lucille Noel, Dawn Marshall, Kate Rafferty-Hall, Bob McAnney, Ann Davis, Michelle Plunkett

Members Excused: Faye McAnney, Barbara Frangione, Patty Humphrey

Committees and Commissions members present: Bob Mann (Conservation), Mary West (Grange), Bernie Reinhart (Historical), Mary Ann Hromis (Conservation), Barbara Eggers (Garden Club)

Minutes read and approved by Dawn & Kate.

Treasurer Report
Balance $170.57
Non-Lapsing Fund $1,437.47

Committee and Commission members were in attendance to do a brainstorming session about the Plan NH Charrette and also get more info on the program.

Lucille described what a Charrette is.  In short, it is a brief, yet intense, brainstorming session in which information and ideas are brought together for the purpose of defining potential planning recommendations and possible design solutions for a community needs.

Ann gave a brief description of Plan NH.  Plan NH is a non-profit organization that promotes ideas, trends and strategies that lead to vibrant and healthy communities.  

All present broke into 2 groups with 3 questions each
1.       How do you define geographical location, limits, historical significance, current uses and unique features of the area being considered?
2.      How do you envision the community Charrette project enhancing the vibrancy of this village area (what would you like to see happen)?
3.      How will the community design Charrette support or enhance the vision as outlined in the Town’s Master Plan (if applicable)?
Many wonderful and insightful ideas were brought to the table after our break-out sessions.  

Some of the ideas from the sessions

•       Define the geo location…Rte 4 to 169 Main or to Country Store.  
•       Sidewalks from Rte 4 to Grange
•       Historical street lighting
•       Designate area for Community Events or Village Center
•       Elderly housing (Shaw Fields) Cluster Housing
•       Scenic view turnout
•       Preserve or replace aging trees
•       Stone from walls or construction to be stored at the Highway Shed for use in repairing stone walls
•       4 way stop by Historical Society/Church/Grange to alleviate traffic on Main Street
•       Roundabout by Historical Society
•       Study & acquire property for town’s benefit and future growth
•       MP is a vision of what we would like to see

****Please see chart with more ideas from our session.

Budget Hearing is December 12 @ 6:40.  We are asking for $600

Next Meeting December 19 @ 7:00

Respectfully Submitted,
Michelle Plunkett

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