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Heritage Commission Minutes 07/18/2013
Members Present: Lucille Noel, Bob & Faye McAnney, Ann Davis, Kate Rafferty-Hall, Michelle Plunkett
Members Excused: Barbara Frangione, Patty Humphrey, Dawn Marshall, Richard DeBold
Also Present: Nadine Peterson (NHDHR), Mae Bradshaw (Rye Heritage Commission)

May Minutes were read and approved.  Motion to accept made by Ann and Kate

Old Home Day-August 17th
•       Michelle will stay with booth until 11:00.
•       The Commission and Photography Club will have their Photo display at the Grange Hall on that day.  The photos are of the architectural features of Historic Main St.  There are 160 pictures in total.
•       The exhibit will run August 17th & 18th at the Grange Hall.
•       We will be fundraising for cost of pictures, materials for our Main St display.  The Commission will give $150.00 for this effort.  Motion made by Ann & Kate to allow expenditure.

House Date Plaque (Jesse LaCasse of Prim House)
We will be accepting orders at OHD
$20 for plain
$25 with black border
Our cost will be $10 & $12

Ann reported on the Garden tour, which is going very well.  The Garden Club has sold over 30 tickets for this event.

7 To Save-Lucille will speak with Steve MacCleery.  He will fill out the form for the Preservation Alliance.

7:00 pm
•       Nadine Petersen presented a talk on Master Plan.  
•       Very helpful for the Master Plan
•       Historic Chapter in MP is not required, but recommended by state statute.
•       Used as a means to organize local preservation efforts.
•       Forms basis for policies and ordinances that can help the community manage growth, development and change.
•       Please see attached info on the presentation given by Nadine.

Meeting adjourned @ 8:30

Next Meeting at the Library August 15, @ 7:00

Respectfully Submitted,

Michelle Plunkett

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