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Heritage Commission Minutes 05/19/2011
MAY 19, 2011

Members Present: Lucille Noel, Jeff Jordan, Faye & Bob McAnney, Dawn Marshall, Kate Rafferty-Hall, Michelle Plunkett
Others Present: Patty Humphrey, and Guest Speaker, Walter Sanborn

Walter Sanborn was at our meeting to talk about the history of the Town Library.  We, as a commission, would like to put this building on the NH Historic Register.  

The town library was built in 1791.  Many committees had a hand in its construction.  It was first a church then the Town Hall and finally the Town Library.  The last time it was renovated was in 1988.

In 1879 the town had a militia and they used the upstairs to store their uniforms.  The choir loft was later closed off for the militia.

It was first used as a church, until the Congregational Church was built in 1828.  In 1840 there was a private school at the library, although there is no record of this, it has been passed to Walter by many citizens of Chichester.  It was also at this time, when this building was deemed to be in disrepair.  In 1956 it was said to have been moved to have more room in the front.  
The foundation is granite and there is plaster interior sheathing on the walls and ceiling.  Behind the library to the right was the Tramp House and across on Pound Rd was the Town Pound.  

In 1912 a concrete vault was installed in the basement for storage of town records.

In 1938 the basketball team practiced at the library.  

We will do much more research for our application to the State for the NHHR.

The Historical Society has offered to let us use their camera for pictures.  Thank you to the Historical Society!!  This means we do not have to purchase one of our own.

We are consistently working on the Main Street Brochure.  We have enlisted the help of Granite Image in Epsom.   

We are hosting the NH Preservation Alliance in June and will discuss this more at the June meeting.  

We would like to ask Hannah West to be at the Grange for this workshop.

The Library, Heritage Commission and Agricultural Commission will host Steve Taylor in the fall for a talk on sheep.

Meeting was adjourned @ 8:45.

Respectfully Submitted,

Michelle Plunkett

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