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HeritageCommissionMinutes 06/17/2010

MEMBERS PRESENT:  Lucille Noel, Barbara Frangione, Dawn Marshall, Robert McAnney, Faye McAnney, Michelle Plunkett, Mike Paveglio



Minutes of May 20th meeting were approved.

We welcomed Faye and Bob McAnney to the Heritage Commission.  

On May 28, Lucille and Michelle dropped off the Grange Hall application to the NHDHR in Concord.  The NHDHR reviewed the application on June 9th.  We hope to have an answer soon about the Grange Hall being placed on the NH Historic Register.  

The Mapping Project was discussed.  No further information was available at this time.  We are waiting for NHDHR to get back to us on this.

The “Main Street” booklet/brochure was discussed.  Lucille received pictures from the Historical Society.  We would like to make a Main Street “walking tour” map, using the pictures from the Historical Society as a reference to old homes and historic sites along Main St.  Many ideas were discussed for the tour including cards entitled “Chichester Walking Tour”.  Michelle will meet with Lucile and Historical Society to put together a Booklet/Brochure for the “Tour”.  

Also reviewed were the Sunday Afternoon Walks.  It would be a wonderful opportunity for old and new residents to get to know Chichester better.  On the day of the walks, we would have a townsperson knowledgeable about that particular walk on hand to answer any questions.  People could take pictures; learn about that particular area, the landscaping along the way, etc.

The “Walks” suggested were:

o       Shaw Field
o       Lane Road
o       Marsh Pond
o       Towle Rd.
o       School Nature Trails

This was put on hold for the Commission to gather more information.  

Old Home Day

“The Woodpile Contest” was discussed.  Everyone present though it was a terrific idea.  Chichester Residents would take a picture of their unique or interesting woodpile and submit them (electronically or in person) to any Heritage member.  The woodpile NEEDS to be on the submitter’s property. The winner of the contest would receive a cord of wood at Old Home Day.

There were a couple of questions of how the entries would be judged and who would be the best judges for the event.

Other Business

Bob McAnney spoke about the tress on Canterbury Rd.  It is a “work in progress”.  We need a count of how many trees have died and how we can replace them.  
Barbara communicated the progress on the Methodist Church.  The bell can now be rung and can also be reached.  The spires have been repaired/replaced and painted.  They should be painted every two years.

Meeting adjourned @ 8:30 pm.

Next meeting July 15th @ 7 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Michelle Plunkett

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