Town of Chichester
54 Main Street, Chichester, NH 03258
Heritage Commission By Laws

These rules of procedure are adopted under the authority New Hampshire RSA 676:1.

Up to seven (7) regular members shall be appointed by the Board of Selectmen in accordance with Article 20 of the March 14th  2009 Chichester Town Meeting, pursuant to RSA 673:4-a. One member shall be a member of the Board of Selectmen,  (1) member of the Planning Board, two (2) from the Historical Society, two (2) from Conservation Commission, one (1) citizen, plus two citizens as alternate members. Terms of regular and alternate members shall be for one (1) year.
Vacancies shall be filled by the Board of Selectmen, pursuant to RSA 673:12.

1. A chairman shall be elected annually by majority vote of the Commission in the month of April. He or she shall preside over all meetings and hearings, appoint such committees as directed by the Commission and shall fix his or her signature in the name of the Commission.
2. A vice-chairman shall be elected annually by majority vote of the Commission in the month of April. The vice-chairman shall preside in the absence of the chairman and shall have the full powers of the chairman on matters, which come before the Commission in the absence of the chairman.
3. A clerk/secretary shall be elected annually by majority vote of the Commission in the month of April. He or she shall maintain a record of all meetings, transactions, and decisions by the Commission and perform such other duties as the Commission may direct by vote.
4. All officers shall serve for one year and shall be eligible for reelection. (RSA 673:9.)

1. Regular meetings shall be held at Chichester Library at 7:00 P.M. the third Thursday of each month. The meeting date may be adjusted by Commission consensus. Other meetings may be held at the call of the chairman, provided that public notice is given in accordance with RSA 91-A:2 and notice to each member is given one (1) day prior to such meeting.
2. Meetings shall be conducted in accordance with RSA 91-A:2 (RSA 673:17; RSA 673:10)
3. A quorum for all meetings of the Commission shall be a majority of the membership (4), including alternates sitting in the place of members. (RSA 673:10III)
4. If any regular Commission member is absent from any meeting or is disqualified from sitting on a particular matter the chairman shall designate one of the alternate members to sit in the place of the absent or disqualified member. Such alternate shall be in all respects a full member of the Commission while he or she is sitting.

Disqualification of a member shall be pursuant to RSA 673:14.
Attendance Policy: Regular attendance at meetings, by full members, promotes continuity. Therefore a member who has three (3) consecutive absences, not excused by the Chairman, shall be given the opportunity to become an alternate member. If the member declines, the Commission may request that the Board of Selectmen remove the member from office for neglect of duty, pursuant to RSA 673:13. A public hearing shall be held prior to removing a member.

Removal of a member shall be pursuant to RSA 673:10.

a. The order of business for regular meetings shall be as follows, a. Minutes of previous meeting
b. Communications, correspondence and miscellaneous
c. Unfinished business
d. Public hearings (if any)
e. New business
f. Date for next meeting
g. Adjournment
The order of business may be changed at the discretion of the majority of the members.

1. Records of the Commission shall be kept at the Town Library and available to the public in accordance with RSA 91 A. (RSA 673:17).
2. Minutes of all meetings including names of members of the Commission, persons appearing before the Commission, and a brief description of the subject shall be open for public inspection within 144 hours of the public meeting (RSA 91-A:2II).