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Minutes 03-26-2014
Chichester Garden Club
03/26/2014 Meeting Minutes

Present:  Frank Curatolo, Barbara Eggers, James Eggers, Dick Pratt, Kay Snow, John Snow, Lucille Noel, Ann Davis, Faye McAnney, Fayth Noyes, Teresa Paradis (Vice-Chair AgCom),
Not Present:  AgCom - Steve MacCleery, Richard Millette, Jeff Jordan; CGC - Daisy Day,  

Ann welcomed attendees, thanked Barbara Eggers, CGC Education-Information Program Coordinator,  and introduced guest speaker Professor John Carroll in connection with our first of four ìBackyard Farmingî lectures.  Topics covered by Prof. Carroll:  

*The rising cost of living because of $100/barrel oil which is the root cause for food insecurity
*The cost of foodís relationship to the cost of oil
*In the 1920s, no oil was required to produce food - it was biologically produced (by man & animal) yet today, 90% of food consumed by NE is dependent on energy-intensive industrial/chemical agriculture and 98% of the energy from production to table is from oil and natural gas   
*Processed, frozen & canned foods are low in nutrients; fresh foods from farmers & farmers markets provide nutrients to stay healthy - ìPay the farmer today OR the doctor tomorrowî
*Local food production and diversity is imperative & keeps the cost of raising food lower
*As ìbuy localî gains popularity, farmers markets are successful - a NH one brings in $3,600 in 4 hours
*Vertical & roof top gardens were mentioned and the new ìFreight Farmingî
* NH has ideal cool weather grasses for dairy farming

Attendees were from: Barnstead, Chichester, Concord, Loudon, Northwood, Pembroke & Pittsfield.
They read about it: VS, Concord Monitor; Chichester Town Hall & Country Store, Epsom Library.
Over 20 attendees; 11 CGC & 2 AgCom members
And we have new parties interested in both CGC & AgCom!

Again, thank you so much Barbara for making this event possible.

Brief Business Meeting to be held after Lecture:

1. Ann Davis distributed Meeting Minutes.  John Snow made a Motion to approve 02/26/2014 Meeting Minutes; seconded by Kay Snow; all in favor and approved.  

2. Dick Pratt distributed 03/26/2014 Treasurerís Report: beginning balance $256.25 & ending balance $216.25.
John Snow made a Motion to approve 03/26/2014 Treasurerís Report; seconded by Lucille Noel; all in favor and approved.

3. REMINDER:  April 23, will be Donna Miller, from the NH Speakers' Bureau who will talk about
"A Garden for Wildlife:~ Natural Landscaping for a Backyard."  

4. Also we will schedule a tour at Petals in the Pines; Lucille suggested we also tour Bedrock Farm in Lee.  Those present agreed to both.  

5. Ann again announced the Library asking CGC to tend to the front gardens; Lucille reiterated the need for committed watering of the gardens.  It was generally agreed upon that if each member took part, it could work.

6. Teresa Paradis said we could keep the beverage mixes, paper goods & water for the series lectures.
Meeting Adjourned 9:20pm
Respectfully submitted,
Ann Davis, Recording Secretary

Important 2014 Dates:

Meetings:  Mar 26 (speaker),  Apr 23 (speaker), May 28 (speaker), Jun 25 (speaker),  Jul 23, Aug  27, Sep 24, Oct 22; there will be no Nov & Dec meetings due to busy Holiday Season schedules and anticipated weather conditions

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