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Minutes 01-22-2014
Chichester Garden Club
01/22/2014 Meeting Minutes
Meetings held 4th Wednesdays each month, 7pm @ Town Library
Present:  Frank Curatolo, Ann Davis, Lucille Noel, Dick Pratt, John Snow
Not Present:  Daisy Day, Barbara Eggers, Patty Humphrey, Debbie Marden, Nancy Smith, Gene Smith, Kay Snow, Susan Towle

Business Meeting started at 7:15pm:

1.   Lucille Noel made a Motion to accept the 10/23/2013 Meeting Minutes; seconded by John Snow; all in favor; accepted.  

2.  Dick Pratt provided Treasurerís Report with $306.25 balance.  John Snow made a Motion to accept the Treasurerís Report; seconded by Lucille Noel; all in favor; accepted.

3.  Discussion regarding the Grangeís ìOrganization Fairî to be held on Fri, Feb 7 @ 7pm.  It was stated that the Feb 21 was best; but if it was planned for the 7th, then so be it.  Dick and Frank said they could help as they would be working with the Historical Society and the 21st would be best for them.  Clarification is needed from Hannah West.   Ann agreed to speak but would have to leave by 8pm to go to work.  We will need membership forms, posters, note cards, art as was done at 2013 COHD, maybe a floral arrangement.  

4.  Re-cap of ìJanuary Bloomsî photographic exhibit was successful; the floral arrangement donated by the Garden Club was very much appreciated by the Photography Club.  It was beautiful and brought in $30 for the Library.  

5.  As Chair, Ann appointed Barbara Eggers as Program Coordinator; Barbara will line up speakers for Mar-June meetings.

6.  At the Feb 26th meeting Kreative Flowers & Gifts owner Kristine Longuer will be presenting a workshop - floral arrangement design.  Limited to 10 participants; we will announce the workshop in The SUN, cost is $R20/person to cover supplies, and $10/person for CGC members with CGC paying the other $10/member.  Members will be contacted first; and if workshop is not full, it will be advertised and/or flyers distributed.  Ann stated that the floral design workshop will give CGC members some knowledge and encouragement to participate in NHFGCís ìOut of this Worldî flower show to be held June 21, 2014, at McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center, Concord, and/or anyone wishing to participate as a judge.  Also, Ann with meet with Dick and Frank re The SUN ad and flyers.

A Motion was made by Ann Davis for the CGC to pay half of each memberís workshop costs; seconded by Frank Curatolo; all in favor; approved.

7.  Field trips discussed - Fuller Gardens, North Hampton; Bedrock Gardens (Jill Noonan), Lee, NH;  Uncanoonuc gardens, Goffstown; Boston Flower Show (Frank will gather info).

8.  Discussion re CGC having a booth in the COHD 2014 w/fundraising possibilities - bake sale, plant sale.  

9.  Ann will look into a CGC website which will inform public re the club, membership, events and allow each member to advertise plants, etc., for sale.

Meeting Adjourned 8:05pm

Important Dates         Meetings:       Feb 26, Mar 26, Apr 23, May 28, Jun 25

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Davis, Recording Secretary

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