Town of Chichester
54 Main Street, Chichester, NH 03258

Conservation Commission Goals

1. Public Education and Outreach
a. Old Home Day (Project Leader: Robert Mann)
i. Graphic Presentations
ii. Brochures
b. Heritage Commission Partnership (Project Leader: Dawn Marshall)
i. Natural Resource Excursions
c. Open Space Preservation (Project Leader: Blaze Konefal)
i. Targeted Solicitation
2. Management of Town Owned Lands (Project Leader: Zack Boyajian)
a. Natural Resources and Open Space
i. Inventory
ii.Targeted Solicitations
iii. Development of Management Plans
b. Recreation Planning
i. Carpenter Park
1. River Access
2. CCS Trail
3. Master Plan
3.Town Forests (Project Leader: Gordon Jones)
a. Formal Declaration
i. Town Meeting Warrant
b. Forest Management
i. Selective Cuts
c. Spaulding Lot
i. Access improvement
4. GPS Activities
a. Research enhanced mapping capabilities