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Conservation Commission Minutes 12/08/2016
Chichester Conservation CommissionMonthly Mee
Minutes of Meeting December 08, 2016

Grange Hall, Selectmen’s Office

Present: Bob Mann, Zack Boyajian, Blaze Konefal,Zachary Boyajian,

Marianne DiTaranto, Gordon Jones


Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by BobMann at 7:15 pm.  The Minutes of Nov 10,2016 and Nov 19, 2016 (special meeting) were approved.


Mail Bag

1.    Ken Stern of 5 Rivers Conservation Trustsent a letter of expectation and clarification regarding the process of forminga Conservation of Easement of the Spaulding Town Forest.  The 5 Rivers board will meet in January toreview our Town’s proposal for the Spaulding Lot.

2.    Monthly interest collected forConservation Trust Fund (300k CD): $162.50

3.    Ingals Rd switching station is completeand detailed documentation was received.

4.    Donation request from 5 RiversConservation Trust ($50 approved by commission)



     Public Outreach: Frank is processing new interactive mapfor the website and plans to update the site information for January 2017.

     Land Conservation:  Zack arranged letters to send to property ownersadjacent to Lynxfield Pond and town property abutting the pond.  The formal letter requests a meeting toexplore access or acquisition to desirable lots with high conservation and publicrecreation value.

     Carpenter Park: Demolition of the old Field House hasbeen approved.  Building projectscontinue on the property, primarily inside the new Field House.

     Madeline Sanborn Conservation Area: no updates

     Spaulding Town Forest: Exploring possibilities of developingthe trail network of the Spaulding Lot and clearing the right-of-way access forpublic use.  Blaze is drafting a warrantarticle for the town meeting in March 2017 to seek approval of pursuing theconversion of the Spaulding Lot into a Conservation Easement.

     Easement Stewardship: An anomaly with the Blackman Easement will be reported.


Meeting adjourned at 9:15 pm. Next meeting:Thursday, Jan. 12, 2016 at 7 pm. Public is invited.


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