Town of Chichester
54 Main Street, Chichester, NH 03258
Conservation Commission Minutes 11/12/2015
Chichester Conservation Commission Monthly Meeting
2nd Thursdays at 7 pm
Minutes of Meeting November 12, 2015
Grange Hall, Selectmen’s Office

Present:  Bob Mann, Frank Harrison, Blaze Konefal, Gordon Jones, Dawn Marshall, Jim Eggers, Zack Boyajian

Call to Order by Bob Mann at 7:04 pm.  Minutes of the meeting on October 8, 2015 approved.

Shirley Water estate management lawyer contact with updated expense record for recent management.

The Town Office requested a CCC budget proposal for 2016.  The team unanimously agreed to propose the same figure as 2015 of $650 for the 2016 fiscal year.  This budget pays for various miscellaneous expenses, such as membership dues, education and collaboration opportunities for team members, and conservation supplies.


a.      Public Outreach:  Frank presented a final draft of the first of a series of articles on invasive plant species to build local awareness.   He will contact the Suncook Valley Sun for mass publication of this public service message.
b.      Land Conservation: Jim Plunkett visited the meeting to discuss further details regarding the Town purchase of a conservation easement of a portion of his property.  The team has agreed to further investigate the feasibility of the proposed easement.  The specified lot has been walked by the CCC.  Next steps require an independent economic valuation and a detailed assessment of the conservation importance of the specified lot.
c.      Spaulding Town Forest: Blaze added tree-blazed marks to the defined perimeter boundary near the right-of-way access to the lot.  The team will determine if this area needs to be developed to improve public access.
d.      Carpenter Park: Zack updated the team with construction notes on the new community building.  It has a 26 ft x 26 ft footprint and is located near the main parking lot.  The labor is from volunteer efforts and the materials are provided by the park fund.  They hope to have the exterior finished before snowfall.
e.      Madeline Sanborn Conservation Area: Frank proposed a plan for the development of a footpath and wildlife viewing blind around the northeast side of Marsh Pond.  The path would only be located on town land.  There are wet areas that would require the construction of a boardwalk in the future to connect the path directly to the Town Hall path.  For now, the team unanimously agreed that a footpath on the “dry” land section may be developed connecting the right-of-way access from Main Street (between lot 2 and lot 4), the proposed wildlife viewing blind, and the beaver dam at the eastern most outlet of the pond.  Frank will coordinate volunteer crews to develop the footpath.
f.      Easement Stewardship:  Blaze has plans to finish all stewardship components for 2015.

Meeting adjourned at 8:43 pm.  Minutes prepared by Frank Harrison
Next Meeting: Thursday, December 10, 2015 at 7 pm, Public Invited