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Conservation Commission Minutes 04/09/2015
Chichester Conservation Commission Monthly Meeting
2nd Thursdays at 7 pm
Minutes of Meeting April 9, 2015
Grange Hall, Selectmen’s Office

Members Present:  Bob Mann, Zack Boyajian, Mariane Hromis, Frank Harrison, Blaze Konefal, Gordon Jones
Call to Order by Bob Mann at 7:10 pm.  Minutes of the meetings on 3/12/15 approved.


•     The Shirley Waters Estate has been processed by the designated law group.  A thoughtful gift of money for the Conservation purposes has been transferred by the executors of her estate.  Any contested arguments on the management of this account may be directed to the Probate Court at the appropriate hearing.  The group unanimously agreed there are no issues to contest before the court, however, some other parties not related to our designated donation have contested the expenses charged by the executors of the estate.
•     5 Rivers Conservation Trust ( sent an update for the 2015 supporter donation.  The team unanimously voted to donate $50 to the trust for the conservation services they provide our greater community.
•     A 15 acre parcel of land is up for sale.  As with all land for sale in town, the team will investigate the value of this property when assessed for natural resources and wildlife corridor potential.
•     The Snowdogs snowmobile club will require a signature to approve final trail adjustments on the Spaulding Lot.  The trail has already been roughly marked by the conservation team.  When the final trail has been accurately marked by the Snowdogs, select team members will complete a final inspection and report back to the team.


a.      Public Outreach:  no new items
b.      Land Conservation: no new items
c.      Spaulding Town Forest: 2 formal bids and 1 informal bid were received by Blaze Konefal regarding town approved survey work at key boundary sites on the lot.  The team voted 4-2 in favor of awarding the bid to T.F. Bernier pending a written contract for all expenses not to exceed $1400.
d.      Carpenter Park: Zack Boyajian (liaison) shared a VOLUNTEER workday set on the calendar for April 18, 2015. A bonfire was held by a few community volunteers and about three-fourths of the pile is burned. See the Parks and Recreation Committee minutes for more details of park plans.  Mariane Hromis will continue to design and plan a natural control of invasives for the park.  The group endorsed the creation of a pilot plan for using grazing livestock in a small area of the park.  Any further action in this direction will be presented to the selectmen for comment when a plan of action is determined.
e.      Madeline Sanborn Conservation Area: Steve Walker (NH State official) has proposed a meeting with a property owner adjacent to the MSCA to discuss conservation land management.  No action has been taken to date.
f.      Easement stewardship:  After the mud dries up and before the flies come out in full force, select members of the team will inspect select easements, including Blackman, Drinan, and Madeline Sanborn.  

NOTE: Following is a detailed report of our current easement stewardship.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.  Minutes prepared by Frank Harrison
Next Meeting: Thursday, May 14, 2015 at 7 pm, Public Always Invited

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