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Conservation Commission Minutes 07/10/2014
Chichester Conservation Commission (CCC)
Minutes of Meeting July10, 2014
Selectmen's Office

Members present:  Zack Boyajian, Dawn Marshall, Blaze Konefal,  Marianne Hromis, Robert Mann, Gordon Jones

Meeting was called to order at 7:07pm.  

Review of Minutes:  June 12, 2014 meeting minutes were reviewed, and approved unanimously.

Mail Review:  Received   DOT permits for culvert work on Canterbury Road and Main Street. Also received a wetland permit for timber cutting off Center Road. No action needed on these items.  Received additional attorney correspondence from the Estate of Shirley Waters including accounting of attorney fees. Bob will contact attorney about giving us notice either via email or phone  when we receive a letter that has a short time frame to respond to. One parcel of land has been sold.

Goals and projects:

1.      Public Outreach.  There will be no old home day booth this year.

2.      Land Conservation.  Recent activity on efforts regarding conservation easements and land purchase were discussed.   Bob reminded us that we had set up a sub-committee consisting of Gordon, Blaze and Bob for a possible conservation property to be acquired. They will write up reasons for the land acquisition so that the process can be expedited if an offer comes back to us. Once the sub-committee has negotiated with the owners, the selectmen will need to be contacted and there will need to be a public hearing. Blaze will write up bullet points. Bob will research to see if the Conservation Commission can hold conservation easements on town land. Some reasons are: In our priority zone, adjacent to Madeline Sanborn area, wildlife corridor from Shaw field to Madeline Sanborn and to preserve the view from Main Street. A management plan will be devised as well.   

3.      Spaulding Town Forest. Blaze will solicit bids from 3 surveyors for the Spaulding lot. Two parts of the bids are: to definitely establish the boundary of the access land  corridor and to consider marking the boundary  of the whole lot.  A site visit is planned for July 22 to locate possible trail route based on the Forest Management Plan. Zach will oversee this activity.  We will meet at the Grange at 4:00 pm.

4.      Carpenter Park.  Parks and Recreation Committee has discussed invasive plant control, specifically Japanese Barberry growth at the park.  Marianne will research cost for a commercial herbicide applicator to come in to do this work as the growth is way beyond our ability to control it mechanically.  

5.      Madeline Sanborn Conservation Area.    Moving the slash piles resulting from the winter timber harvest will likely be scheduled for the fall.      

6.      Easement Stewardship.  Blaze will be completing the MSCA stewardship monitoring in the near future.

7.      Other Business.   Zach plans to visit the Shaw Field to see what is growing there and possible inclusion in  the Charrette Plan. Currently the field is being hayed.

Meeting Adjourned 8:40 PM

Next meeting August  14, 2014.


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