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Conservation Commission Minutes 04/10/2014
Chichester Conservation Commission
Minutes of Meeting April 10, 2014

The committee meets the 2nd Thursday each month at the Town Hall Office at 7 pm.  Public is welcome.

Members present:  Zack Boyajian, Marianne Hromis, Blaze Konefal, Robert Mann, Frank Harrison, Dawn Marshall

Meeting was called to order at 7:08 pm.
Minutes of March 13, 2014 meeting were reviewed and approved.

Mail Review: Flower Sale is being conducted by the Merrimack County Conservation District.  We received 2 subsurface disposal application notifications from the DES.  Update on the progress of evaluating and distributing the Shirley Waters Estate, primarily announcing the fees procured thus far by the administrators of the estate.

Goals and Projects
Parks and Recreation: Bob Mann attended the P/R meeting and discovered that Doug Hall is interested in developing a digital public trail map for the town.  The team agreed that any form of trail development is welcomed, but should be conducted through open communication with the appropriate town committees.  Zack offered to publish any existing digital maps in his possession.

Public Outreach: Blaze and Bob will replant the MSCA kiosk that was moved for the horse logging this winter.  There is a public service meeting for barn easement information on April 24, 2014 at 7 pm presented by the NH Preservation Alliance at the town hall.  Call 224-2281 for information and to register.  The presentation is FREE.

Spaulding Town Forest:  Blaze and Stephen are planning to blaze the borders of Spaulding Forest.  The blazing team will take special care to mark the access route to the forest.  There will be an official visit by the team (optional attendance) to the Spaulding Forest to inspect the trail network on April 19 at 9 am.  Meet at the Town Hall, and then commute together to the access point.  Poor weather date is April 26.

Carpenter Park:  No new business.  Park Clean Up day is April 12, coordinated by the CYA.  Phase two is in the planning stages by the P/R Committee.

Madeline Sanborn Conservation Area:  With the completion of the new logging, there is potential to better manage the area for hikers and other nature enthusiasts.  There has often been talk of expanding the trail completely around the park.  It was decided that the first order of business is to visit the conservation area to be better informed of the natural state of affairs.  There will be an official visit by the team (optional attendance) on April 22 (EARTH DAY) at 5 pm.  Meet at the trailhead behind the town hall.

Land Conservation.  Several parcels and priorities for land or easement purchases were discussed, but there are no new developments to report.  The team is waiting on the response of private owners.

Easement Stewardship.  Blaze will notify members of the 2014 easement stewardship field visits by email when the weather is cooperating.  Drinon and Blackman are up for evaluation.

NEXT MEETING May 8: Primary agenda is to discuss 2014 stewardship focus goals.  Bring your ideas!
Meeting was adjourned at 8:47 PM

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