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Conservation Commission Minutes 08/08/2013
Chichester Conservation Commission
Minutes of Meeting August 8, 2013
Grange Hall, Selectmen’s Office
Prepared by Frank Harrison

Members Present:        Robert Mann,   Zack Boyajian, Frank Harrison, Dawn Marshall, Blaze Konefal
Members Absent:         Steve Stock, Gordon Jones

Call to Order by Bob Mann at 7:02 pm

Minutes of the meetings on 6/13/13 (previously tabled) and 7/11/13 approved.


1. Discharge Notice sent by the DES for the completion of the Mobil Gas Station on Rt. 4, a long-standing monitoring site for groundwater and soil contamination.

2. Merrimack County Conservation District announced the Fall Bulb Sale.  See website for details:
a.      Public Outreach:  The Plan NH Charrette Program held a public meeting for idea exchange with Residents of Chichester, especially Main Street property owners, at the Grange Hall, 54 Main Street, on Monday, July 22nd.  Dawn Marshall reported a positive showing of residents.  Stay tuned for more information.  The Charrette process will be coordinated locally by the Historical Society and Heritage Commission.91813_54705_0.png
b.      Land Conservation: Blaze Konefal will investigate the potential availability of the vacant residential lot (Map 4, Lot 15 – [6.93 acres]) on Main Street.  The home and land appear to be under foreclosure and in disrepair.  The land has conservation value due to its frontage on historic Main St and its proximity to town conservation land.  The commission has pursued other conservation land prospects with proximity to Main St. (Map 5, Lot 105 – [30 acres] and Map 4, Lot 2 – [7.1 acres]).  There has been no word from property owners on these prospects for purchase or easement.
c.      Spaulding Town Forest: Contract is established with Jamison Logging Company.  Charles Moreno (Town Forester) will coordinate and monitor all activities.  Final plans still need to be ironed out regarding the exact location for the entry path and landing for logging operations this fall.  In any event, the commission will ensure that all logging access routes to the Spaulding Lot will be appropriately restored for safe access by the public.  Blaze Konefal and Steve Stock will determine the feasibility of “in-house” blazing for the Spaulding Lot and report at the September meeting.
d.      Carpenter Park: Zach Boyajian has reported that grass at the park has developed this summer and the Parks and Rec Commission has managed some park and trail improvements.  Frank Merrill has extended his service to rehabilitate the trail after heavy rutting from rain this summer.  The trail and park will be ready for Old Home Days!  Zach Boyajian and Frank Harrison will investigate the trail network on the south side of Bear Hill Rd. and prepare an oversight recommendation for the Town Selectmen regarding the stewardship of this conservation land.
e.      Madeline Sanborn Conservation Area:  The commission is still investigating the possibility of low-impact tree work to be done within the MCSA.  Charles Moreno will assist in this endeavor.  Bob Mann and Gordon Jones will prepare an oversight recommendation for the Town Selectmen regarding the stewardship of this conservation land.  Frank Harrison is managing an invasive species control pilot with a 200 sq ft patch of phragmites.  He will prepare a report of invasive plant awareness and management in Chichester for the Town Web Site.
f.      Easement Stewardship:  Blaze Konefal will finalize and submit the 2013 State Report for Easement Stewardship.  All required properties have been appropriately inspected.
g.      Other:  Dawn Marshall reported the use by the public to enter the Suncook River for recreational tubing from the Conservation Access Lot on Rt. 28 across from Carpenter Park (Map 5, Lot 31) to travel approximately a half-mile and exit at Thunder Bridge on Depot Rd.  Some have accessed these town-managed access points for fishing in the Suncook River.
h.      Meeting adjourned at 8:48 pm.

Next Meeting: Thursday, Sept 12, 6 pm – 8 pm (note time change)


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