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Conservation Commission Minutes 07/10/2006
Chichester Conservation Commission
07/10/06~Meeting Minutes
7:00, Chichester Grange Hall

Present:  Jeff Andrews, Zack Boyajian, Gordon Jones, Mike Marchand, Walter Sanborn and Lee-Ann Valotto
7:00 pm
1.  View access to Sanborn – Cray easement
Jeff, Mike and Zack walked the path from the corner of the Town Hall parking lot.  The path will need some clearing with a weedwacker and some light trimming.  Zack will try to get some work done in August and will look into having a sign made.  A trash cleanup will need to be scheduled in the fall.

Meeting called to order at 7:23 pm.
2.  General Items
Minutes - Brandon Guida stated that he had a problem with the minutes because at the June 12 Public hearing he said that he was speaking on the behalf of several landowners who own over 1400 acres combined.  He wanted the minutes to reflect this statement and the individual’s names.  The minutes from June 12 will be amended.  The minutes from last month were unanimously approved as amended.
Steve MacCleery informed the Commission that by statute draft minutes of our monthly meeting need to be posted within 144 hours of the meeting.  The commission was not aware of this statute and will abide from this point forward.

3.  Goals status review
        Long Term
        a.   Complete wetlands inventory  - Tabled
Brandon Guida restated that if the Commission votes to proceed with Phase II, the Commission has the burden to get written permission from the landowner.  If the Commission does not approach landowner notification in the proper way and uses the method used in Phase I, he will take legal action.

Steve MacCleery reiterated that he would like the people on the Commission who were in attendance at the Public Hearing to vote on this item when it is taken up.

b.      Increase involvement with the Planning board – nothing to report
c.      Sanborn –Cray –Jeff showed a copy of the S-C management plan.  He suggests we look at the recommendations, update with current information, such as the acquisition of the Plummer parcel, and then move forward with the plan.  
The selectmen are awaiting approval to remove the dam and will do so as soon as possible due to the liability issue.
d.      Carpenter Park Survey –Jeff stated that he is waiting for a contract from the low bidder so the survey can begin.

Short Term
a.      Access to Sanborn-Cray  - see item 1
b.      Establish a stewardship account – Jeff will work on a warrant article for review in the fall.
c.      Adopt Criteria for accepting a conservation easement – no progress.  Mike plans to use the Society for the Protection of NH forests language as a guideline.
d.      Habitat/ vernal pool inventory of Town –owned land – inventory 2/3 complete.  The rest will be done next year.
e.      Website – Lee-Ann will get the correct contact info for Fred Shaw from Holly MacCleery
f.      Land protection contacts – Jeff sent a letter to Edwin and Virginia Sanborn of Blackman Rd. regarding their property that is located between the 2 parcels of the Blackman easement.  He has not had a reply.           

The August meeting will be moved to the 1st Monday of the month, August 7th   

CCC will have a table at Old Home Day.  Jeff and Zack will be there.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:55 pm

Upcoming Meetings/Events

08/07   7:00 PM at Town Hall – Regular CCC meeting

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