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Conservation Commission Minutes 12/12/2005
Chichester Conservation Commission
12/12/05         Meeting Minutes
7:00, Chichester Grange Hall

Present:  Bob Mann, Gordon Jones, Mike Marchand, Walter Sanborn, Deb Soule and Lee-Ann Valotto

General Items

Minutes from last month were unanimously approved.

Gwen Adams has resigned her position on the Conservation Commission.  Mike Marchand has been appointed by the selectmen as her replacement

Gordon will consider a full time appointment to the R2C2 committee.  Lee-Ann has declined.

7:12 pm  Fred Shaw demonstrated the new digital projector purchased from the cable grant money for use by the Historical Society, CCC and the Library.  The CCC will contact Fred if we need to use the projector.

7:43 pm.  Mike Marchand presented the Fish and Game departments Wildlife Action Plan for our information.

Jeff, Bob and Mike walked the Blackman property on Hutchinson Rd. to review regarding the dredge and fill application submitted to DES.  Jeff drafted a letter of comment to DES.  A motion was made to edit the letter.

Edit the letter written by Jeff to delete item 2 – build on first upland before the second wetland and item 5- use open or flat bottom culverts and forward the letter to the wetlands bureau.  

The motion passed

Bob requested the Wetlands Bureau review the wetlands filling complaint filed on the Currier property at 63 Hutchinson Rd.  Jocelyn Degler has been asked to contact the CCC when the case is reviewed so that the CCC may view the site with them.

CCC Goals Status Review:

1) Land Protection Subcommittee

Nothing new to report.

2) Source Water Protection Education Efforts/Web Site

Drinking water protection letter will be emailed by Lee-Ann to the Sun for publication.

The Marsh Pond water sampling data is now available online at the Conservation Commission page.

The NRI maps have been updated in the PDF format on the town website.

3) Designating Prime Wetlands

Public information meeting will be held January 9, 2006 at 7:00 in the Grange Hall.  VHB will be presenting.

Bob will draft an article for publication in the Sun and for the Town Crier column in the Monitor

4) Warrant articles

Bob met with the Selectmen who are in favor of the warrant article to survey Carpenter Park.  They asked if the CCC will direct funds towards the cost.  Before committing funds, the commission would like to speak with the Selectmen regardingthe designation of a portion of the property as Conservation land, the role of the CCC and the possibility of timber harvesting to help cover the costs.~Bob will see if and when the Selectmen want to meet.~

5) Blaze Paint Property Bounds on Conservation Easements

Included in Carpenter Park RFP.

6) Implementing the Sanborn Cray Conservation Area management plan.

The Plummer property survey plan has been received.  The Board of Adjustment has granted a variance for the 5 acres for the CCC.  Jeff will go to the Planning Board January 5 for approval of the subdivision of the property.


The CCC fund balance has been corrected and a check has been received to deposit into the account.

Barloe homes Dredge and fill application – The property located off Short Falls Road has limited wetland impact and a good plan with open bottom box culverts.


Defer comment on the application

Motion passed

Meeting was adjourned at 9:44 PM.

Upcoming Meetings

January 5  Planning Board hearing regarding the Plummer property subdivision.

January 9 @7:00 in the Grange Hall – Public information meeting on the Wetlands Study

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