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Conservation Commission Minutes 07/23/2018

Chichester Conservation Commission Meeting
Minutes of Meeting July 23, 2018
Planning Board Site Plan Wetland Reviews

Present:  Jim Eggers, Bob Mann, Zack Boyajian, Frank Harrison, Stan Brehm (Planning Board)
Call to Order at 7:00 pm at Mike's Affordable Auto, 105 Dover Road.  
Call to Order at 7:50 at Kezar Auto site, Route 4, Map 3 Lot 40

Mike's Affordable Auto
Meeting also attended by Mike Albert, owner, and Mark McLeod, HL Tuner Group.
Mike Albert purchased this site about 4 years ago.  The northerly car lot and wetlands crossing had been built by the previous owner.  The proposed site work is to build two car lots on portions of the parcel to the south.  Two delineated wetlands are involved: the northerly one greater than ¼ acre and extending onto adjacent parcels and a southerly one less than ¼ acre in area.  (Past site work included parking lot to the wetland boundary and a road crossing of the larger wetland.)   Proposed work observes the 50-foot and 25-foot wetland setbacks called for by the zoning ordinance.  The exception is where an access road encroaches on the buffer at the east end of the smaller wetland.  Owner and engineer appear agreeable to relocating the road to avoid the buffer.

Motion: To request that the Planning Board require relocation of the road to avoid the wetland buffer.  Aye 3,  Abstain 1.

Concern was also expressed about the roadway crossing and encroachment on the northerly side of the wetland associated with the past work.  The owner indicates that the previous owner told him about a wetland permit obtained for the crossing.  (That permit appears as Permit No 2003 00248 in DES records, located by Mark McLeod 7/24/18.) There was no known Planning Board review at the time of this meeting.   Records in the 2003 era will be reviewed.  

Kezar Auto
This is a new site plan based on a previous plan approved by the Planning Board in 2017.  The plan now includes a single building unit.  The previous plan included space near Route 4 to accommodate a future business, absent on the new proposal.   The new site plan includes the same driveway to Route 4 as the previous one.  The driveway encroaches on the wetlands buffer for about 120 feet of its length at the intersection with Route 4.  The apparent value of this wetland lies primarily in flood retention and wildlife habitat.   It appears that relocating the drive will involve minor earthwork and possibly development of a new well.   

Motion: To request that the Planning Board require relocation of the road to avoid the wetland buffer and to remove the large boulders already placed in the buffer.  Aye 4, No 0

Meeting adjourned at 8:20 pm.  

Minutes by Bob.


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