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Conservation Commission Minutes 07/12/2018
Present: Members: Zack Boyajian, Blaze Konefal, Jim Eggers, Marianne DiTaranto, Dawn Marshall, Bob Mann (arrived a few minutes late)
Esteemed Guests: Gail Britton-Kojigian and Charles Kojigian
Call to Order: 7:03 by Vice Chairman Zack Boyajian
Review and Approval of Minutes: The minutes of June 14, 2018 were unanimously approved as noted.

  • Mail Bag
  •         Shirley Waters Estate: The amount of Estate Surety Rider for Probate Bond has been reduced to $75000. Dawn Marshall motioned; Zach Boyajian seconded and all present were in favor of using assent of Summary Administration as the least expensive means of closing out the Shirley Waters Estate.
  •         5 Rivers Conservation Trust: A check for $1909 received from 5 Rivers for the town’s share of work on the Spalding Town Forest Survey will be deposited in the Conservation Fund.
  •         NHACC: A response was sent to the request for information on scenic roads in Chichester.
  • Agenda
  •         Public Outreach: The new gazebo is close to completion. A site visit has been scheduled at 7:00 pm for July 23, 2018 to review the site plan for 2 proposed projects on Dover Road for feedback to the Planning Board..
  •         Land Conservation:  B. Konefal and D. Marshall are investigating the use of Conservation Funds and Land Use Change Tax in for the benefits of land conservation in New Hampshire. Current findings indicate that 69 towns allocate 100% of their annual Land Use Change Tax for conservation purposes.
  •         Shaw Pasture: Z. Boyajian has discussed the permit application process for accessing Shaw Pasture with Kristen Duclos of the Wetlands Bureau. Of concern is total wetland impact (estimated at 2970 sq. ft.), whether there are alternatives that reduce wetland impacts, and a Natural Heritage review.   Wetland impact exceeding 3000 sq. ft. would require a minimum impact wetlands application. The original access design also requires 20 ft width at transition and callout of culvert size and material per NHDOT.  An alternate access  at the snowmobile crossing will be considered and discussed at future meetings.
  •         Carpenter Park: Trail maintenance and poison ivy removal are continuing.  A workday at the park will be held 7/14.
  •          Madeline Sanborn Conservation Area: B. Konefal and B. Mann are working to control the poison ivy along the footpath from the kiosk in the Grange Hall parking lot to Marsh Pond. A current water quality analysis is needed.
  •         Spaulding Town Forest: The total cost for the successful completion of the Spaulding Easement Project was $9805.   Cost estimate prior to the project was $20,500.
Meeting adjourned at 9:15. Next meeting: August 9, 2018 at 7 pm at the Grange Hall, in the Selectmen’s Office. Public is invited. Minutes taken by Marianne DiTaranto.


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