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Conservation Commission Minutes 06/14/2018
Chichester Conservation Commission Monthly Meeting
Minutes of Meeting June 14, 2018
Grange Hall, Selectmen’s Office

Members Present:  Jim Eggers, Bob Mann, Frank Harrison, Zack Boyajian, Blaze Konefal,
and Dawn Marshall               
Illustrious Guests: Gail Britton-Kojigian and Charles Kojigian

Minutes of the meeting of May 10 and May 14, 2018 were approved unanimously.            
Call to Order: 7:10 pm


•     SMART Associates: seeking input from town departments for Chichester segments of traffic on Rt 28.  The Conservation may wish to offer advice on culvert design to accommodate wildlife.  The request is specifically seeking to align any co-occurring projects.
•     5 Rivers Conservation Trust newsletter reviews the Spaulding Lot of Chichester
•     Shirley Waters 4-ac lot is now sold.  This is the last asset of the Shirley Waters Estate.  As a result of asset finalization, the probate court intends to reduce the amount of the bond value associated with the estate appropriately.
•     NHACC requests input on class VI roads and scenic roads in town.


Public Outreach:  Gazebo is up and BEAUTIFUL!  Developments around the gazebo continue.  There are plans to improve the access path to the Madeline Sanborn Conservation area for the gazebo.

Land Conservation:  The team agrees that it is important to maintain public awareness of the importance of the continued support of the Conservation Fund.  Money from this fund has allowed the recent acquisition of the Shaw Pasture on Main Street, a highly visible and valued piece of conservation property.  The Conservation Fund is sourced through 75% of annual land use change tax, through specified donations, and through bank interest.

Shaw Pasture: Driveway permit is still under review.  On Monday, June 18, ZB is meeting with a DES representative to have a pre-permit discussion regarding wetland impact from the driveway.  

Spaulding Town Forest:   Promotional walk of the town forest is indefinitely postponed.  We await a final bill from 5RCT for our portion of the easement acquisition.

Madeline Sanborn Conservation Area:  Discussion about the natural and historical ebb and flow of Marsh Pond as a beaver dam-controlled body of water.  The pond has some value as a natural resource and we will continue to monitor the site and develop the trail network for recreational foot paths.  The current water quality and urban development impact on the pond is not fully understood.

Carpenter Park:  The entrance needs a complete makeover.  FH will prepare up a top-view drawing to support the goals based on recent discussion for the park.  Work session planned for 8:30 am at the park Sat, June 16.

Other Business: DES Permit application of June 6, 2018 for review. Application addresses property at 200 Suncook Valley Road (Map 8, Lot 50) and the owner’s petition to construct a low-impact bridge across Sanborn Brook.  The committee agreed that our team need not intervene.

Meeting adjourned at 9:23 pm.  Next Monthly Meeting: Thursday, July 12, 2018 at 7 pm, public invited!


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