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Conservation Commission Agenda 02/08/2010
1.      Business Meeting
a.      Call to Order
b.      Review/Approval of Minutes – February 8, 2010

2.      Discussions
a.      Blackman Conservation Easement.  Map 1 Lot 8 at 31 Blackman Road in the Residential District.  The representative, Ian Blackman, on behalf of owners George and Marion Blackman, will be discussing the storm damage that occurred on the property that lies within the area of the Conservation Easement.  

b.      Town-owned Land Inventory.  At the previous meeting the Commission had wished to put together a detailed town-owned lands inventory.  Discussion will include protection and management practices for these lands.

c.      Master Plan Input.  During the past year, much effort has been put into preparing a guiding document for the update of the Master Plan.  The Commission is being requested to provide recommendations for inclusion.  Discussion will revolve around those recommendations made by the Natural Resources Inventory and the High-Value Wetlands Study.

3.      Goals and Projects
a.      Carpenter Park/CCS Trail.  The Commission has been working closely with the Parks and Recreation Commission to plan for a trail between the Chichester Central School and Carpenter Park.  Updates regarding that status of the project will be discussed.

b.      French Hill Conservation Easement.  Map 10 Lot 9 at 81 Pleasant Street in the Rural-Agricultural District.  The Commission has had preliminary discussions with owner, J. Brandon Giuda, regarding a conservation easement in conjunction with an approved Open Space Conseravtion Subdivision.

c.      Ferman Deed Restriction.  Map 7 Lot 17-2 at 62 Ferrin Road in the Rural-Agricultural District.  The Commission has had discussion with the owners, Edward and Barbara Ferman, regarding a deed restriction in conjunction with a NHDES permit.

4.      Other Business
a.      April 12, 2010 Agenda
b.      Commission Member Items
c.      Audience Items

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