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Minutes 12/28/2015
DECEMBER 28, 2015

Present: Lucille Noel, Bernie Reinhart, Donna Chagnon, Jim and Michelle Plunkett, Thomas Houle, Nate Bronnenberg, Dawn Marshall and Carolee Davison

Two handouts were given to everyone:
Background and Overview from the local Charrette Team
Phases of Work developed by the local Charrette Team

Bernie handed out an update on the design process for the parking lot project. He attached copies of e-mails between the Charrette Team and Heidi Marshall of CLD Engineers. Heidi met with NHDOT representatives on December 16,2015 regarding the possibility of getting a crosswalk approved. Heidi was going to let Richard Debold know about the outcome. As Richard is not at our meeting tonight we will have to wait to find out NHDOTs answer.

Heidi informed us that this preliminary consulting would have no charge. If an official survey needs to be done by DOT then they will ask for a certified plan. There will be a charge for this plan. She also advised that DOT would prefer the one enter/exit for the parking lot.

December 26,2015, Bernie, Jeff Jordan and Carl Anderson met at the left side of the town parking lot. They all looked for the property marker but were unable to locate it. Bernie marked the trees that need to be taken out. The Selectmen agreed that the trees be removed. Nate and Bernie will cut the trees and Jim will take the trees and brush to Nate's home for him to burn this winter.

The "Phases of Work" report was discussed. It will be updated after we get more information from Heidi. The Team will present this "Phases of Work" report at this year's town meeting.

PRESENTATION TO THE BOARD - Lucille and Michelle will get an appointment date from Jodi to meet with the Selectmen. Lucille will be our speaker but we all need to attend. Lucille will let us know when we get a date.

We will need displays and handouts at this year's town meeting. Will need volunteers to help with this.

Next Meeting - January 25th, 7:00 pm, Historical Society Building

Respectively Submitted

Carolee Davison

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