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Cemetery Minutes 08/04/2014
Cemetery Trustees
August 4, 2014

Present: Ruth Hammen, Paul Sanborn, Fred Shaw

Schedule Selectmen Hearing: The Trustees will schedule a meeting with the selectmen to consider 3 issues:

1.      Have the Shaw, Page, and Perkins-Maxfield Cemeteries declared abandoned and accepted by the town. This is routinely done when no relative of a person buried in the cemetery has shown interest for 20 years.
2.      Clarify the name of the cemetery now referred to as Edmunds-Stanyan. This cemetery is actually 2 cemeteries. A newer cemetery (Edmunds-Stanyan) had been attached to an older cemetery called The Burying Yard (see deeds for reference). Trustees hope to designate the older portion “The Burying Yard” and the small portion “Edmunds-Stanyan”
3.      Change the name of Shaw Cemetery to True Cemetery. There are no Shaw internments in this cemetery (all the Shaws are in Pineground Cemetery) and it is suspected that it took this name because Shaws lived on both sides. Before the Shaws, older maps indicated that Trues lived on both sides and, in fact, members of the True family are buried there.

Brown Cemetery Wall Rebuild: Paul has obtained a quote from Dan Schroth to rebuild the front wall and an additional quote to repair two additional walls. Trustees felt that this should not be included in the regular budget so will prepare a warrant article for next Town Meeting.

Perry Brother’s Monument: Trustees have received a contract price of $200 for corner stones good until Jan 2015. In the past there has been no fixed price to rely on so billing customers was difficult.

Shaw Cemetery: Trustees would like to publicly thank Ben Brown for cleaning this cemetery. A lot of brush has been removed and its appearance greatly improved.

Edmunds-Stanyan: Trustees would also like to acknowledge and thank Steve Piaseczny for donating his time and materials to make a new gate at the now known Edmunds-Stanyan Cemetery.

Cemetery Signs: Most of these signs placed in the cemeteries in the 1980’s have shown significant wear.  Trustees are looking into the most cost efficient way of replacing/repairing them.

CIP: The Trustees will not be applying for funds this year.

Foster Cemetery: This long neglected cemetery is in need of cleanup. Trustees will be looking into estimating costs.

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