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Cemetery Minutes 06/02/2014
Cemetery Trustees
June 2, 2014

Present: Ruth Hammen, Paul Sanborn, Fred Shaw

Abandoned Cemeteries: The ad to declare the Page, True/Shaw, and Perkins/Maxfield cemeteries has appeared in the May 30 issue of the Concord Monitor. The Trustees will wait the required 60 days to see if any interested parties contact the Selectmen’s office before scheduling a hearing with the Selectmen to request the town take over ownership and maintenance of these cemeteries.

Plausawa Cemetery: Since Ruth is the only Trustee who knows the location of this cemetery, the Trustees felt it wise that all the Trustees know the location. They will visit the site Friday morning, June 6.

Shaw Cemetery: This cemetery was named Shaw only because Shaws lived on both sides. No Shaws are buried there. The Trustees feel that it should be renamed to True Cemetery after many of that family name are buried there. Until a public hearing can be scheduled to consider the name change, the Trustees will now reference the cemetery as the True/Shaw Cemetery.

Edmunds/Stanyan Cemetery: These are really two cemeteries attached. All the Edmunds and Stanyans are in the newer and smaller part connected to the older part on the east side. In some deeds the older part is referred to as “The Burying Ground”.  The Trustees will seek a public hearing treat the cemeteries as two, naming the older part The Burying Ground and leave the Edmunds/Stanyan name on the newer part.

Signs: The Trustees will survey the condition of cemetery signs, which were placed in the early 1980’s and determine whether they can be repaired or will need to be replaced. Trustees also know that some signs are missing.

Flags: Once again the Trustees would like to thank the Scouts who helped Ruth with putting flags on veteran gravesites. This effort is greatly appreciated.

State Cemetery Meeting: Ruth attended this meeting and brought back current handbooks and information about changes in law.

Cemetery Inspection: The Trustees have charged themselves with inspecting each cemetery on an annual basis. Ruth has been to all the cemeteries except Plausawa (see earlier entry in the minutes) and has written a report to share with the Trustees and Town.

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